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Skull Fuckers

The Skull fuckers are a GTA multiplayer clan who cruse the streets of San Andreas and occasionally Vice City killing anyone who gets in our way.

With the release of GTA4 we now have members with both playstation and Xbox who are looking to build up the SF clan presence in GTA4.

We will require you to Wear SF tags to be part of this old school gang with members that have been playing GTA multiplayer for up to 4 years now.

As far as I can tell you canít change your name without losing your stats which is fucked up.

So if your willing to start a new name to join this elite clan my msn is

I personally have a playstation so will be Recruiting members who also have playstation.

The Skull Fuckers clan was formed on the 23-09-06 by its founding members
(SF)Grievous, (SF)SUFFA and (SF)LSD

We also have our own San Andreas multiplayer mods that can be downloaded from our site.

Our current mod was created by me and is set in the badlands of San Andreas and was successfully tested with 69/69 players on our 100mbit server.

I know some pansies might be offended by our name but this is GTA so go fuck your self if you can't handle it, SF clan is here to stay.

We have 28 members at present and about 19 of those are active.
Maybe ill join...

In a city ran by the government and the streets controlled by the gangs. Two heroes stood up. Those two started a nation that roused to the challenge, to take up arms against the corrupted nation. Those two were shot to death in 1989, in the biggest stand off against the LCPD that the city had ever seen. The ones who didnít die in the stand off had to go underground. Bipolar God and Master Splinters the two remaining children of the two heroes, were taken in by the survivors of the nation. They were looked upon as the prophets of the two heroes. Everyone knew that they were going to be the ones that would bring back the freedom for the people. They will lead the Anarchy Nation to victory.

Bipolargod: ďOur parents started this Nation. We respect them for giving their lives for our freedom. Thatís why we have trained our whole lives for this.Ē

Splinters: ďAfter seeing our parents die, each shot twice in the heart and one in the head. We were taken by our fathersí best friend. We were taught everything from how to pilot an assault helicopter to drive bys.Ē

They did anything they could to get back at the corrupted nation that took their parents. Along their journey they found that a lot of the gangs and clans in the city were controlled by the corrupted nation. They knew that they were going to need an army to take all of them down. So the took to their fathersí old warehouse and remade the Anarchy Nation.

We give our members privacy. You will not see a list of our members on this page. If a member wants to speak out on these forums he or she can. We want our members to respect others in these forums, unless someone has insulted the Anarchy Nation. No member is allowed to use racist slurs. If caught member will be kicked

We must have active members. If you want to be a member you have to stay active. We do understand that people have to take a leave of absences, but you must give a notice. If there is no notice then you will be removed from the union if you have been absent for then a month.

We are at war! We are the army of Anarchy Nation. So we require our members to wear camo pants and a camo bandana. Anything else is okay.

We are the craziest army ever known. Members must be willing to jump into the battle. We do not allow our member to camp, unless we are holding a point of intrest. Member must stick toghether no matter what mode we are in, unless a member is give an order.

We must always have a good communication. When you are ready to jump into battle, you must have you mic on and working. Members must obey orders from the profits and the leaders. Orders keep the teamwork together.

Well first you have to find us. There is no application. You must have good piloting and driving skills. All you have to do is add the prophets to your PSN friends list. When they accept your request, it doesnít mean your in. When you see a profit online, send them an invite. If they are not busy they will send you an invite. Once you have meet a prophet they will ask you do a few things. The things that they will ask you to do are not hard. There just the things we do in combat. If you can do these simple tasks you are in. Then the prophet will tell you where to meet the rest of the Nations members.

Also if you do not have a mic, then donít even try.

The Prophets
Founders: Bipolar God, PSN bipolargods
Master Splinters, PSN splinters17

Member that have shown that they have what it takes to be a leader. If a Prophet is not in a battle, the Elite members will lead the battle. The prophets pick the members for this rank.

The back bone of the nation. Members that have shown the prophets that they are a good asset to the nation. Members with access to the privite forums.

People that have shown intrest of the Anarchy Nation. These are the people that have sent a friend reguest to an prophet and has not yat been approved by an prophet. People that don't have access to the private forums.
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