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I am sorry if this is totally non PC site but did not see anything saying "PC people get out of here" and think this best site I have ever seen on the net for information and knowledge, ease of getting around, etc. so hope you have room for me.

I have just started with GTA3-San-Andreas and having a riot. CJ is really not a nice fellow cool.gif
I have bought the PC & XBOX Guide offered off of for it even. I think written Brady Games (not available 4 me 2 verify at moment, only one Amazon sells I think anyway).

Right up front it defines how to "Recruit Gang Members" and it defines it using a "D-Pad". My computer does not have this item and I really think his Guide is lacking there and he slipped the issue of how to do it on "PC ALONE"


I have been offered 5/earned 5 but don't know how to GET THEM.

Thanks in advance,
Use G and H for handling gang members after targeting them. H should recruit.
You might also refer to your game manual.
The PC manual pages 7 - 10

Also pay attention to the upper Left of your monitor screen.

Instruction as to which keys to push will be displayed there when you first encounter a situation as part of the in-game Tutural.
Ok thanks for the help, that is GREAT REALLY!!!!!!

I am not familiar with top right tutorial keys to press however, forgive me if it is something obvious, this is my 2nd Sim.

I have another question for you, "The Guide" says there are specific areas in each city where you can pick up those "Burglar Trucks, please check map at beginning of this chapter"

Well the Guide is not perfect and has no such reference after lengthy look, re-look, triple look, it is not there so I suppose I will ask you 2 sharp fellows if you read this, where is it on Los Santos, & oother 2 citys/islands if you know them that you can get these trucks?

I do believe this has to be unlocked by completing all missions, which I have a ways to go, but pretty soon I hope I can finish them in Los Santos.

Thx in advance,
When you walk out of the Grove Street safe house, turn left, and go down that alley next to Ryder's house to the main street. Turn right going towards the gym, and there is the big blue apartment complex across the street. The truck is in there between the last two apartment buildings. You can do the burglar missions between 10pm and 6am. I *think* it is F2 to start and stop missions.

I never bothered looking for it in the other two cities.
For San Fiero.
From the Doherty Garage, go behind it.
Head south to the Wall across the street.
Follow the wall (right) to its west a gap. Go south along this alley. (The fire engine is to your left, behind another wall)
Cross the street still going south.
Turn Right.
Turn Left up the street going south again.
Now a building on the right (Harry Plums Wholesale Fruit) is set back from the street.
Just before this building is another alley heading west.
The Truck is in this alley.

On the game map C1,D1. to the left and south of the Doherty Safe house marker are A Wineglass marker and Weight Lifting marker roughly between them slightly to the right is the truck.

Los Venturas is more difficult.
Map reference B6, Pilgrim. the word Venturas on the map. the truck is at the top of the letter S near the intersection and of couse behind the low wall.

Just off the Entrance Ramps of the 'Julious Thru Way East'. (this would be the first interchange heading north from the South East curve.)
Across the street (south) from the 'Hote Motel' sign.

[spoiler] found a map:
Thanks thanks thanks thansk thanks ph34r.gif

I have been on forums and I have been on forums, this is absolute hands down most simple super informative site I have come across, I mean the info you guys are giving me is not even within miles of this Guide I have.

Maybe this thread is dead but if anyone reads this reply, I mean I am having "brain overflow" on the game, and loving it, what I am getting at though is I read somewhere "go to Montgomery and play ITB Horse Betting machine and push letter "x" as fast as possible and you will walk away rich" That was on another site, and did not work.

Well I have made enough money to buy all Safe Houses allowed and DID, and in getting ready for Import/Export. I only have 4 garages to store as the Safe Houses up North of Los Santos are RED, and again, I do not see an explanation in guide why nor when they UNLOCK.

I have stolen and locked Comet1, 135K, Cheetah, 105K, Banshee, 45K, Super GT, 105K per the Guide. I am looking for the Turismo to switch with Banshee. What I am getting at is I could have all 20 of those cars stolen or at least 8 maybe more realistic if they opened the houses up North.

I can't unload them now right as low in missions and when is it/wha is it that opens the homes up north as in Polomino Creek is RED, cannot buy, same in Blueberry and Dillmore. Is there another way I could store these up as if you leave them even in a driveway at a safehouse without a garage, they disapear?

Again, thx in advance, in the mean time I am working missions to catch up to be able to do what you are answering and making more money, I got $350,000 at moment and if spent 3 hours would have a million.
When the Badlands open [spoiler] after the Green Sabre mission [/spoiler] plus a couple of other missions, then the northern safe houses will be available.

Don't be too quick at collecting the Inport/export vehicles. I too tried to get them early in a replay and some of them disappeared from the garages.

Of all the games I've bought in the last 25 years this one (GTA:SA) is the best. Especially the replayability.

Even the new GTA IV doesn't play as well. It is too pretty and doesn't play well in my book.
i agree. the cars and neighborhoods are fun to drive around, but targeting is too troublesome for me. the soundtrack is off the hook... loving "the journey", although "sfur" is still the best imo. plus both the ps3 and 360 have problems with the game ($60 just to burn a coaster? nope.) i played some gtaIV last night on a friend's ps3, and now i am reading here to see what missions and stuff i didn't finsh in san andreas (cannot fly) properly. i hope gtaIV comes to pc, but i won't cry if it doesn't. right now i am reading the guides up front trying to find what flying mission save sets off the wuzi las vegas stuff (or the last one before all land based missions start again anyway). hate flying.
to BLUH: mission is [spoiler] merely completing the Flying School and a couple of missions at the airfield [/spoiler]

If you have trouble flying... borrow a plane from the and spend a half hour or so cruising the air space. buzz a few buildings, try the canyons of the cities, under a bridge or two. Get some tight turn experience before the school. Learn to bank as well as turn by rudder. Try flying close to the ground too, called flying Nap-Of-the Earth...
Hi Friends,
It says in the Guide now that you brought it up and I am getting better at understanding the game, that the burglar missions are unlocked right after Home Invasion is finished so I can go "crazy being a thief now" LOL
The support you guys are giving me is really appreciated truly. I mean a JPG screen shot with 3 red dots on the entire map showing exact locations of all three boxcars? WOW!!!!!! I saved that into my hard drive, that is priceless really.

Even the comment on "F2" starting and stopping missions, if thart is not mentioned in small manual, Guide, or top left flash text which I miss a lot of times until I have failed at something 3 - 4 times.

There are a couple bugs in my game, I am patched to 1.01, is that as far as it goes? Maybe it is the hardware I have is so far ahead of the game it has created "issues". I do not have any D-Pad but my mouse is a Saitek GM-3200 which you can program. I have chosen not to yet, but the sensitivity is lightening when you "shut it off"

I checked on a Car over on Santa Maria Beach last night I have in that garage (I replaced Banshee with Infernus, 95K) and CJ went into a 360 degree spin and I was placed in a "look down view" and there was absolutely nothing I could do to get him out of it. Many occassions also he goes from ability to walk normally to just allowing you a side view of him and it is a lock view and he only does W,A, S, D and I completed that mission with Ryder "Robbing Uncle Sam" after hours and then got life "wasted" out of me by enemy gang that I would of got out of if it was acting normal so I had to do that 2x EEEEEEEKKKKKK.

Now I cannot for the life of me complete, "Wrong Side of the Tracks" with Big Smoke. I mumble away from him "you drive dip, if I had THAT much time to hit 4 people with one hanging over the side at one point yelling "shoot me, yet you dont, I WANT TO BE THE SHOOTER as I am driving pretty darn good, not great but plenty of steady driving right next to them he should pick 4 off 2 times at least.

I have most fun on that mission on way home. I find highest cliff I can find then line it up and go blasting off of it, but it has officially declared me insane LOL and given me money for it for example "465 degree spin, 310 foot fall, $20 bonus insane jump" and I have about 7 of those HAHAHA.

To ask you a SERIOUS QUESTION: What am I going to do to get Big Smoke to kill 4?? I miss the exploding car, the oncoming train, turn right and also go right so stay on right hand side of tracks as that roadway takes you across to left hand side, now am I within firing range at all time NO WAY, but does he have more than enough time? Well I want to be the shooter as I don't think he can see through those glasses LOL

Any comments?

Your Bud,
There are a few ways to do it.
1) drive to the overpass in the country just past the curve after the tunnel. Jump off the bike (forget BS) jump on the train. then pick them off. (be sure to keep the train on the radar as you race ahead.)
2) Get your skill up on the Desert Eagle/M4. Just drive ahead of the train. Jump off. shoot them as they pass. Repeat.
3) There are some YouTube videos of other methods.

use SEARCH too.
Again, excellent direction. I am not having great luck finding gore level PC Info on the game for example, my Guide, and the Mini Manual talk about pretty Flowers and I got stuck with a set and did the Cop's job of burning house/apartments down then saving girl who they then declare "loves me" blush.gif

Well heck, I thought this great chance to give away these flowers so pushed Tab, F, the LMB, and THAT punched her with the Flowers in my hand foolish (7).gif

Of all your suggestions on Big Smoke, I like the jump on train the best. I finally got Smoke to get all 4 tho.

My game crashes sometimes to desktop out of nowhere and the mouse thing drives me nuts. I actually ordered an old fashioned ball/roller Microsoft Mouse Serial typee and an adapter that transfers serial to USB as my computer does not take anything else.

I want to see if the "Optical Laser Mouse" which is all you can buy now (at least on, if the game is not programmed to understand mouse inputs from a Laser and see if it will work that way. I am right on the line of being forced to quit playing the game. Patch 1.01 is it?

Anyways, MY QUESTIONS: 1) How do you give Flowers, i.e. WHAT KEYPRESS ON PC when standing in a driveway? They kiss with "TAB", what is keystroke to give flowers? Can I sneak a 2nd one in?
2) Everytime I go to the Gym it says "you have already exercised too hard today, come back tomorrow". Well this is like 10 days now and wonder if it is a bug or I am being blocked from gym for a reason?

I will NEVER win that car race of 6 lowriders over on the beach, the PC and Mouse handling just do not interface in such a way that make that possible. I have gone and modified the car with front and back "Smasher bumpers" and 10X Nitro and I come in 6th by a margin that is SO FAR BACK I SHOULD forfeit at start and save myself energy.

I do not know what that will do to the game but that mission will never be completed unless the "computer learns" and lets me win.

Your Pal.

QUOTE(Weasel @ Jun 11 2008, 07:27 PM) [snapback]1447253[/snapback]
There are a few ways to do it.
1) drive to the overpass in the country just past the curve after the tunnel. Jump off the bike (forget BS) jump on the train. then pick them off. (be sure to keep the train on the radar as you race ahead.)
2) Get your skill up on the Desert Eagle/M4. Just drive ahead of the train. Jump off. shoot them as they pass. Repeat.
3) There are some YouTube videos of other methods.

use SEARCH too.

upper left of screen should tell you which key to push to give flowers (if flower is selected as current 'weapon') should be same as kiss.

Racing. Don't hit any of the the other racers if you can avoid them. they get very angry. avoid them and they will let you win. just don't spinout or crash.

Suggest you get a USB GamePad (12 button minimum) game is designed for it. Much nicer play with it.
Hi Weasel/everyone,
I took your advice and ordered an X-Box(PC) Game Controller, hope that will be right one and I did not waste my money, WILL THAT WORK???????

Yeah, I am idiot on flowers deal unsure.gif

It took 20 tries and I use the Broadway Lowrider (had lot drive time pimping in it) to race against those "true Lowriders" but followed your advice all 20 best I could and sooner or later I figured maybe cars fall lucky spots onening up lanes for me?

I quit the Nitro stuff, I got off to great start and made use of hand brake and regular brake to turn. I had ONE occasion where I had a spin and I just made a 360 out of it as fast as possible and got out of the bush and WON!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!

Thats persistance no? 20 tries MIN of 19 dead last, not finish, exploding 1/2 way, losing track of direction, etc. When I did complete in 6th, it made no diff at all but I came down that dock with that heavy car as fast as it would go and smashed "my pals" almost pushing them into the ocean angry.gif

I had a Taxi driver take issue with me on a few and start smashing me and pushing me you know? It P'd me off so BAD as some those I was doing good, every taxi driver I saw for about 50 cars got whacked "cause they were ugly" LOL until I felt things were even now LOL

1) Will that controller do anything or should I turn it around at door???
2) The Gyms absolutely will not let me use them, they say "You have already exercised enough today, come back tomorrow" and that includes the gym over on Verona Beach out on the and no supervision. I had my son get married last weekend and his Pal is really into everything but knew all about San Andreas, I had very little time with him but did sneak that question in and he said "Make CJ REAL FAT, then they will let him maybe, try that"

So far he has been so busy, I can't get him fat TOO MUCH but did have some fat on him once and it told him to stuff it AGAIN.

Ok, just so you have an idea where I am in the game, I have bought ALL property as went to Badlands and bought that Farm, the Dillmore, Blueberry, Polmino Creek plus place in Angel Pine and still went back and got money back near $600,000. I am at that point where I have taken that farm Crop Whatever( I got out of it and blew their 2 trucks up) and now spending time with that oh so seet woman "Catalina", we have 3 missions left, she is such a sweety to have "love you" uhhhhhhh, errrrrrrrr, ummmmmmm

I went to the reg Dell Mouse and got rid of the spinning problem at least, he still gets into a coordinate view lock which he all of a sudden becomes uncapable to use, really pain in bu__ I will have to write Saitek and tell them if they are not working on a patch they better start.

As Always, Thanks in advance, sorry for such long post, I am REALLY IN TO IT obviously,

QUOTE(Weasel @ Jun 15 2008, 07:39 PM) [snapback]1448266[/snapback]
upper left of screen should tell you which key to push to give flowers (if flower is selected as current 'weapon') should be same as kiss.

Racing. Don't hit any of the the other racers if you can avoid them. they get very angry. avoid them and they will let you win. just don't spinout or crash.

Suggest you get a USB GamePad (12 button minimum) game is designed for it. Much nicer play with it.

found this elsewhere:

Luke2004 Posted: Nov 10 2004, 18:43
Ways of fixing the gym glitch. (NOTE: I've not tried this yet so it's unconfirmed.)
1. Go to the nearest Safe House and save the game 6 times (thus skipping some days)
2. Go to the nearest Fast Food Restaurant and eat as much as possible
- get CJ quite fat
3. Completely change CJ's appearance - clothes, haircut, and tattoos.

Re: Xbox controller: I don't know. But I would say if it comes with drivers try it first without them.
I use a Logitech Duel Action and it worked fine out of the box. Then for another game I loaded the drivers and had to tweak it to play GTA:SA again without problems.
Thanks Weasel so much, you are very kind fellow to try to help.

Unfortunately, it did not work. I found in the Guide on page 148 "Gyms" and it says "if you lose 40% Fat or gain 20% Stamina or build 20% muscle, you will have reached your daily allowable level and will have to wait 12 hours to come back"

Well I stood in the gym and did nothing Fat as a PIG and didn't have any meters tick off for THIRTY SIX HOURS then kept revisiting the different items to exercise on and it STILL said "You have exercised enough today, come back tomorrow"

The one thing unique in my data on CJ is his Stamina is PEGGED to right and has been for like weeks. Maybe a a month by now even. I REALLY got/get irritated by cops tagging me when I jack a car to get across town and then I run another over in error and now I have "Two Wanted Stars".

Due to this, I have always run my butt off all over the place and early in game PEGGED STAMINA. Now during the time I got CJ totally obese (warned of possible heart attack eating 5 Pizzas), I THEN NEVER walked nor ran ANYWHERE in hopes the meter would come up saying "Stamina dropped bit" etc. and I made him totally NEVER Exercise his movements for days and how the Stamina stayed up, in my mind makes no sense at all and is key to the problem.

Soooooo, got any ideas how to kill off my Stamina? Lay in the Hospital for 2 weeks? Seriously, something has to be done as he has muscles but like 35 per cent and stays there.

Really really weird is it not? OOh let me ask you "Question TWO": Syndicate Mission 3, T-Bone Mendez........ I cannot catch the courier on the cycle from the badlands except one time in 30 I got $1700 of his $1800 package. NOW THEY SAY CATCH 4 IN 5 MINUTES and take 4 packages?

I will never get past that mission, my continuing with San Andreas is over, I am 51, this is my 1st sim practically, I cannot learn how to do these things at this age. I might get through driving school but doubt it STRONGLY. They made the game TOO HARD or should of allowed diff settings of "easy, mediaum, hard"

Your Bud,
Hope makes sense as don't have time to review today, have to just post and run..................

QUOTE(Weasel @ Jun 21 2008, 06:32 AM) [snapback]1449552[/snapback]
found this elsewhere:

Luke2004 Posted: Nov 10 2004, 18:43
Ways of fixing the gym glitch. (NOTE: I've not tried this yet so it's unconfirmed.)
1. Go to the nearest Safe House and save the game 6 times (thus skipping some days)
2. Go to the nearest Fast Food Restaurant and eat as much as possible
- get CJ quite fat
3. Completely change CJ's appearance - clothes, haircut, and tattoos.

Re: Xbox controller: I don't know. But I would say if it comes with drivers try it first without them.
I use a Logitech Duel Action and it worked fine out of the box. Then for another game I loaded the drivers and had to tweak it to play GTA:SA again without problems.

Try Non-stop taxi mission, make some money too. Stamina should stay up no matter what you do. Only the fat and then muscle will come off.

On the Motorcyles with the drugs from the badlands.. get a desert eagle and/or M4 with some experience up to hitman. The m/cycles always follow the same route unless chased. Go to the spot where the first Wooze race started and wait for him. Kill him there and take the $$. (but you can make more money knocking off the street corner dealers. (you lose 5$ for each shot taken at the m/cylists.)

Now the Mission where you have to chase the thugs on m/cycles who stole from the Van. Don't Chase them. Wait for them at the Freeway Ramp across the street near the retaining wall. One (sometimes two of the them) comes back. Pick 'em off.

If you noticed they also will follow the same route unless shot at or chased. Go to the street where they are headed and simply wait for them. Pick them off as they come down the street, they will be one at a time.
(in the failed mission cut scene take note of the building they are headed into/for It rather unique.)

AND sure you can [spoiler] I got you by 11 years, just filed for SSA[/spoiler] This IS the nicest RP game made, especially with the ability to free roam and the No Pressure to get everything done.
OK, I got a KILLER QUESTION for you:

Non Stop Taxi is tough though as cars start ramming you and getting in your way and distances get further even if you go to Angel Pine. The # is is 50 Weas.........not that I can't get it if I try hard enough.

I mean I pimped to 10 and Paramedic'd to 12, I can't do the firemaan or cop for nothing and burglar I tried only once and it I even KNEW WHAT HOUSE ALLOWED YOU IN, and it was like "OK, GO/TIMES UP"

I have to work more at those guys I suppose, I am the Valet/Pass, Ammo Shoot Range Pass, Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Pilot/Airplane, school Pass and all quarry missions done so have a helicopter and JetPack and the one plane spawning at my Airport which is really nice.

You know the one mission Where you have to go to NE KACC Military fuels and steal their helo with the magnet on it? Well I look at guide and they talk about fighting through wearhouse will take all the skills you have got to this point blah blah blah, well I tried just landing a Helo next to his and switching and they blasted me so I went to plan B.

I got the JetPack, flew low along water, came over low and landed behind boxes undetected, flew up and down over gate to see if all kinds of alarms would blast/NOTHING. SO, I go to the roof of a Bldg pretty far from Helo and land on roof and no one seems to notice me. I see the 2 Guards on the Helo-Pad and snipe both of them, then slowly cautiously fly to the Pad. I toof the thing and only killed the 2 Snipers HAHAHAHAHA, I could not believe I out foxed the game for once. They didn't shoot me down with a SAM.

When I am bored now I go to Glen Park and jack all the Bala's cars and drive them immediately into the water in center of Park HAHAHAHAHA, and I will keep going until have to visit my house right next door shoot a helicopter down to ice the cake then step into my Safe House right close by there, then REPEAT. My respect bar came up once and there was like an inch long past end of green and it was wiggling right to left as if to say "you blew the bubble"

I love the comments made, there is so much humor built into the game for 21 year olders and up................ OK MY QUESTIION THAT IS ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME AND HAS BEEN for WEEKS!!!!!

Just a side note, Little Pueblo has the real Rocket Laucher and is small desert stone built village but I FORGOT TO BRING UP MAP AND MARK IT so if you know where that is, that would be great bonus, but my REAL QUESTION IS WHERE DO YOU FIND A F'n "Patriot" (Army type hum-V)????????? I have been doing the Export and see the list in the GUIDE, it shows WHAT the 3 lists ARE, I have absolutely no problem finding anything but a Patriot. I HAVE NEVER SEEN EVER and I have parked in specific locations looking and flew Helo looking. I CANNOT FIND ONE.

Also, let me sneak a 2nd question in, I am in last Chapter, and can't cannot complete mission "Home in the Hills" for one reason:
I get by his goons in my sleep but that pink car they leave you to chase Big Poppa each time totally holds road like crap. I cannot get close to even getting started on catching him and I have tried stunt turns to cut off big turns, NOTHING works. I own the house straight out his driveway up grass hill to right so tried to even do that and drive straight there and hop on the cycle and he failed me immediately.
So I am at impasse with the game, I am not a good racer to begin with, to put me in that car and have the computer set at DRIVE = EXCELLENT, My progress IS TRULY OVER THIS TIME.

Thx in advance as always Weasel,
P.S. I have been playing it 4 hours a day, really come a LONG WAY, hate to see LAST CHAPTER aand Sweet left in jail as Torenos mission next does not bother me, stealing the Hydra Jet. ohmy.gif)
I did not proof read this or do spell check so excuse mistakes please
Home in the Hills: Remember when you had to chase Pulaski (high noon).
He only has two routes and usally follows the same route unless hit/shot at. Don't chase the hoodlum, Just follow him, Keep him on the Radar. Eventually he'll start driving sloppy and (for me) usually runs into the highway signs, or up a cliff. that's when I jump out and blast him with the rocket launcher/or other heavy weapon. Though the M4 rifle does a good job too.

HEAT Rocket Launcher:
Can find it at the SF airport between the Fuel Tanks. Also, as you know, up on the Hill in the pueblo (Aldea Malvada) East of El Quebradoes (PoliceGirlfriend Barbara)

The Patriot:
During the Export/Inport Mission a special spawn of it is in the Easter Bay Chemicals (South of the SF Airport) it sometimes takes a 'turn around the block' for it to appear. It may also spawn during the Fire truck missions as one of the burning vehicles. another is in the Naval Base, 5 star want, if you go for that one.

I found the Taxi & Pimping Missions easiest right in center of Los Santos. Have to drive all over but works best for me. Medic in El Quebradoes late in game/Los Santos Centre early in game,(starting at dusk). Firetruck anyplace level No hills and especiall no rivers/cliffs. Usually also in Los Santos centre. I take risks up to level 8 on the fire truck as it usually recovers well from spills.
Watch the radar for the blue dots as you complete the levels. Locations seem to me to repeat so if a redo is necessary I have an idea where to go.

A really nice thing about This Game is you can replay it a number of times trying to do things in different ways with different weapons.
Spend more time exploring the map. Find all that there is to find.
I've played over 9 times and I still haven't done any of the secret Jumps. Nor yet tried to complete the game to 100% (finding and doing every possible thing in the game).

OK Weas...............that is unreal info and I can see how you could play it 9 times, some missions I repeated so many times I was convinced I was going no further, take for example this one where I fight thru 69 - 70 enemies to end up car chasing Big Poppa in "A home IN the Hills".

It seems the computer "learns and wants you to have a hard time and as you do it relentlessly,, he rewards you and all of a sudden the wheels are NOT losing their grip quite so fast and his lead is not so far, I DID beat it by ramming him from behind so hard he went into a corner of a mountain crevice and seemed to be stuck squeeling his tires, half flipped over, but 4 - 5 cars followed into me (it never makes it easy you know?) and I already had pushed "F" and was out and had to run to avoid car explosions, but I had the "Bad Guy Rocket Launcher" you speak of, I use my helo and go over to that airport and try to keep it at 70 rounds at all times but he must of been taken out by a car explosion as it all of a sudden came up "Mission Passed"

I also have completed the Trucking Missions, the last one was un real hard and i WAS AGAIN saying "ok, I guess this is where I stop" but after 70 attempts I finally got it.

What is that mission steal 4 Police Cycles in 12 minutes and hit the highway and load on your Semi.......that was a total ^%^*&.

I finally figured a way to keep my wanted level down and rammed the 2 before they had a chance to do much and got lucky after a million tries on that one also.

OK, I will look for that Patriot as I have had every other vehicle in a garage and taken and delivered 9 out of 1st 10, Patriot is in first 10. That is GREAT HELP. My 2 sons are screaming at me to come play Multiplayer games and I say "this is like taking a drug or something, you have to play it it is so awesome" I love CJ's latest comments to people he killed that he is walking over taking all their money of "NOW DON'T MOVE" , they really built ton humor into the game, the radio also is so perverted it is sick LOL, what is this "Do you have trouble wha^&*ng off? Well I have just the thing for you, a saw" or some crap.

I will write/post again once see if I can find the guy, I am on very last mission and just now JUST fell short of getting out of the bldg to chase Toreno in the Fire Truck. That 2nd floor fire is screwing me up and I cannot seem to locate the guys shooting at me, I have the nightvision and try both I am stuck on 2nd floor right now and putting the fiire out, the one at the door eats a minute almost.

Talk to you soon,
A tip if you can.

Do the 12 Firetruck missions, then CJ will be FireProof. makes it much easier to get out of the buildidng.
Crouch. Do you have the Desert Eagle (one shot, one kill, if you have experience) and M4 rifle/Combat Shotgun?

Hii Weas,
I tried doing the Fire Truck 1/2 heartedly long time ago and failed negative 100 so am scared to try again but that would be a real saving thing to have to be FIREPROOF..............kind of removes a ton of issues.

That is a very good idea, to become fireproof so I shall do this. I am sure it will be a SNAP LOL

Hey, the Patriot was right where you said it would be and I have found everything except the Euros and have spent few HOURS looking for the guy, went all over San Fiero and around the Strip and Airport of Las Venturas, can you help me with the location of that guy?

I have the guide which is really awesome as it has pictures(good ones) of every vehicle so I know it is a pretty basic 2 door, kinda like the old Comaro but the thing seems to look for is squared off cornered type front, I should not waste your time as I have a pic end of story.

THAT WOULD BE MY QUESTION for this post though as that would allow me to complete the export/import requirement and have those all available, I have 242 million dollars so money is not in the picture, I even bought a Patriot and parked it in my Garage I liked it so much. A couple those gang members tried to sneak under the garage door as it was closing in an effort to steal it possibly as I backed up from garage on a Motorcycle. Then the game had some guy with a smoking car come ramming into the garage in effort I would go bananas and start blasting and blow both vehicles up.

I have THE SILENCED 9 MM which I used on the guy in the head and stomped him silly then backed his car out and took my Patriot to Paint and spray and all is well but another gang guy tried that and I went in and boxed him silly, then stomped him. I got CJ pushing 320 pounds pretty easily in the gym so his punch packs a "hurting" with the brass knuckle to boot. I go to Gym A LOT.

I have the Combat Shotgun though and love it, when I am going up the stairs I flip between the AK47 and Combat Shotgun and I can shoot the AK real quick touch so one bullet comes out and if it is a headshot it is a death instantly. I am carefull with the Shotgun and sometimes put an insurance shot in a guy or 2 as sometimes they have armor and spray is off a bit.

Shooting AK47 though I am always aiming direct at head and it is very effective. I Love the silenced 9 mm for the Taxi's that go by, they have screwed me up SO MANY TIMES and still do that I ALWAYS when just hanging out take both tires and if he doesnt scoot, run around quick and get other 2.

Cops do not bother me that way so much. Hey I won't waste your time telling you how I got the Tanker Truck on the Ship when the tank part in the back was not magnetic. Lot of luck sums it up I guess.

Tell me about that other pistol though if you want, is it a real monster? If it had a silencer I would move up to it in heartbeat.
I will have to regain 35% territory again when I get back as they have had their way while I was gone but, as I am sure you are also, CJ wipes those out without much problem, maybe need one vest if a cop is plugging me and I do not reply.

I love the Glen Park as it has the Police Bribe and sometimes I swim underwater in a circle and that blows their minds lot times but mainly I love it for jacking (I forget their name at this sec) one of the Purple Guy's cars and flooring it right across grass into the water in middle of Park, and do about 10 of them in a row HAHAHAHA, that has to P them off................

Let me know where that car is iff you know and I will go get FireProof and write back. I didn't proof read this or anything for spelling as don't have time so hope I am smarter than a 5th grader.

Your Bud,
One other Question: How do oyou work the FIre truck? Just get close to your Blue Target and push Left Mouse Button?

Or do you have to get out? I just tried 1st and didn't know what to do when I got there and I exploded.

EURO: Is unique. You will find it under one of the Hotel canopies. It sometimes won't open (unlock) until you go around the block and return.

Firetruck: DON'T get out once you start the missions. I nose the truck up against the 'target' vehicle, Hold the HandBrake. And then spray the target. I gave up on using the keyboard/mouse a long time ago... so I can't describe the keys. (I use a USB GamePad 12 buttons, Logitech Dual Action). I believe its the point of View to aim and fire button to spray.

Desert Eagle: Best Weapon in the game. One shot, One Kill, after gaining a little skill.
In Los Santos down by the docks in the South/East corner next to the 'factory' with the beach to its right. Behind a fence next to a Telephone Pole.
In the Marina area (North West) behind a stone wall to the left of the Bay, North of the heliport.
In San Fiero there is a walled area South of Zero's Shop.

M4 Rifle: A little better than the AK47.
In Los Santos Air Field at the West end of the Runway.
In San Fiero on the West Coast behind a Row of houses Near the Donut Shop.
And any soldier in the secret area.

Doing the FireMissions: (about the same as Medic)
You can take driving risks up to about the 7th Level.
I've driven off cliffs/embankments and the truck has righted itself. Very Forgiving. But near the end be very careful. Nobody is safe when I drive to a fire. Avoid hitting Cops/Pandas. Very annoying if they start trying to pull you out.
Keep to level areas with no rivers/bridges. Begin with CJ well fed, in late afternoon. I like to do it in the Centre of Los Santos. I've tried other areas as some have suggested, but found no real help being in less populated areas. And, I like to get the benefits early.

Headshots Rule.

Are you aware of the Weapons Packages available by finding all of the
Gang Tags in Los Santos,
Photo Opertunities in San Fiero,
Horseshoes in Los Venturas?
You haven't mentioned them.

Oh... On the Export Mission... You only need the tractor, forget the trailers.
OK, great Weas,
Don't recall which Hotel or city even? For the Euros I am talking about.

I will have to try the M4, I think I will even try the Eagle as that Stealth stuff NEVER seems to get you past more than one and someone sees a person fall or some crap. Any mission that told me to use Silencer or just fight your way out? I ended up started my fight my way out on man 2.

I have a XBox 360 Handheld, which got me through the Pilot School and couple other things it was just the diff between NEVER passing put it is really not that effective/adaptive to GTA.

I have a dual action Logitech in my drawer kicking around from the past, I tried hooking him up I think once (not positive) and programmed the little box you fill in/expanded the latest and greatest software, but it did not seem to be recognized by the game/not one button worked, maybe I should retry it eh?

Uhhh, I have painted 40/100 of the Pink Painted logos with my green can you were asking about. I never imagined taking the time to take so many Pictures, my head would blow up, the Stunt jumps, some I have done by mistake/not knowing I think, I have got 1/2 or more Oysters but seem to have made a run once for all of them (per the Guide as it identifies all locations) and got all but about 4 but it says I only I got 1/2 of them, makes me think a lot are in areas the Guide does not list. I do not know what the total # of Oysters is but Guide is Split, Los Santos, Badlands, OddJobs (Required and not required), The Dessert, San Fierro, Las Venturas and they shoy like maybe 18 Oysters on one say, well I went one day and got all 18, couple I could NOT locate, I did it for every area, after doing this, it listed me as having 1/2 the Oysters I believe but it has been a while but would have to check but I used a boat and all that.

One time I collected a bunch spread out on the river under bridges from Las Venturas in a beautiful boat, then was STUPID enough to actually try to swim UNDER the ship in San Fierro and get that guy and 4 star wanted level came up and I got wasted and lost ALL THAT WORK, UGGGGG.

But, I have been stumbling along kind of with those, if I see a Horseshoe, I take it, seems to me it would be awful hard to get 100% of any of those as you would be missing 2 in the end and not know where they were for months. What is it they do for you though? I mean what is it you get for taking all those Stunt Jumps? Pictures? Getting all Horseshoes?

He has the fancy Tuxedo from Woozie I think gave it to me when I finished his strand, I added a classy business black hat and CJ is really moving up to becoming a Boss of something LOL Little league baseball? Nah, if he lost, he would shoot all the parents on opposing team HAHAHAHA he is such a poor loser HAHAHA

I will try setting up the Logitech again and see what happens and let you know, it has a 4 position pad like deal on left that is really a mouse kind of, 2 mouse sticks and 10 number'd buttons and totally black, says Logitech, with a Logo above it and DUAL ACTION below that. I tried the fire truck last night and it was a total joke and VERY bad one so I am going to need something special, I notice if in Pilot school you get all Gold, you get a Hunter(?) Spawn at the Airport regularly which is loaded with missiles and guns, I would LOVE TO GET THAT GUY and fly around and every Taxi Driver does not have a right to live due to them screwing up 500 missions on me, thats why I ALWAYS shoot their tires out.

Hmmm, must try the M4 Eagle and Logitech one more time. You rule Weas CJ is still Currently locked.gif

Your Pal,
I just plugged in my GamePad and it worked straight from the box. I didn't load the Software that came with it, or any third party.
In the options of the game iteself I switched the mouse/keyboard to Joypad.
After trying the gamepad as it was I did adjust/reasign a few buttons to more closly match the PS2 controller of my Console.
Before you program them push each button to see what it does now.

< buttons on right side of control:>
[1] 9 o’clock ---Foot-Jump, --- Vehicle-Brake+Reverse
[4] Noon ---Foot-Enter+Exit --- Vehicle- Enter +Exit
[3] 3 o’clock ---Foot-Shoot --- Vehicle - Fire
[2] 6 o’clock ---Foot-Sprint --- Vehicle - Accelerate

<Front Buttons:>
[5] Left High ---Foot-Action --- Vehicle –Secondary Fire
[7] Left Low ---Foot-Previous Weapon/target --- Vehicle –Look Left --- Aircraft left rudder
[6] Right High ---Foot-Aim --- Vehicle - Handbrake
[8] Right Low ---Foot next Weapon/Target --- Vehicle – Look Right --- Aircraft right rudder.

Directional Cross (not programmable)

[11] Left Stick (as a button) Foot -Look Behind --- Vehicle - Sub Mission

[12] Right Stick (as a button) Foot-Crouch --- Vehicle – Horn/Siren

[9 & 10] Two small buttons between left Directional and 4 buttons.
Program as you will, I have used them for either radio stations forward/backward OR responses Yes/No

Note: Some of the buttons or combinations of buttons are automatically programmed. For actions.
Such as both bottom front buttons pushed at the same time when in a vehicle will show what’s behind you.

I have two USB gamepads and the button Number Assignments on them are different. That’s why I listed descriptive locations instead of numbers. Numbers in [brackets] are for Logitech Dual Action.

Note you may also assign the same button to a different command IF they will be in a different column

The Euro is under the canopy of the Come-A-Lot Casino across the the street from the Four Dragons.
Oysters Get you a Never lose the girlfriends, CJ can drive/wear anything and the girls don't care what he looks like. Plus $100,000.
There are two oysters, One in the Submarine Pens, and one under the bow of the Attack transport which get the Wanted Stars, unless you go for them during another mission when the want level is turned off. Before I found out about that useful glitch I would use a cigarette boat and raced to the nearest coastal village, drove up the beach and did a mad dash to the safe house. As you have learned save before doing those two.

Horseshoes get $100.000 and M4 rifle, Demo Charge, SMG, and Combat Shotgun at the Four Dragons.

Photo's get $100,000 and Sniper-rifle, Hand Grenade, Shotgun, at the Doherty Garage.
You can get some of these photo shots without actually seeing them. Point, zoom, and shoot where it's supposed to be and you might get it.

Painting the Tags gets AK47, sub-machine gun, Molotov Cocktail, Sawed off Shotgun in CJ's Kitchen.

Use the maps from this site, I've found them to be the most accurate. I printed them off and got a page protector to put them in. Then I use a China Marker to tic them off as I find them.

As far as the JUMPs are concerned, I don't know of any value except as something to do in the game. As you said, I stumble on them by accident, I have never really bothered to look for them, Yet.

My Returned CJ wears the Tuxedo, with Bowler. Had to buy it at Diedler Sacks, Not a gift from anybody.

Zoom-Zoom put me/and a lot of others onto a tracker the Sama (San Andreas Mission Analyzer) found at:;#entry958654

You cannot use it IN game (at least I can't) But out of the game It will help find things, and show game progress by reading the game save file.
OK, I will have o try the Logitech that way as the new Software and the Controller have me conclude there is total electrical failure within the controller as I follow, program everything as told, and the stick bombs out so bad it is absolutely totally USELESS.

I will try it your way.

I did find the Euros and finish up the Export/Import version, I also found the 50 Horseshoes, became fireproof in San Fierro and finally won the game short many things I am going back at my liesure now and getting. TenPenny is a dead man though and I watched the "Credits Screen" now I am going in and enjoying the pickup of other things I lack at my own liesure.

I must say I really like the M4 and Eagle also. I am on minor kick now too take all territory or get it as high as I can in Los Santos. I find it difficult without pointing gun in Green Fellow Gang Bud's faces and pushing "G" and sometimes "H", to get the guys to come yet my respect line has exploded a number of times.

When I got angry at Police during attempt to get Fireproof and at level 12 and he busted me, well I had to get my armor, rocket lancher filled, be under roof at CJ's garage in San Fierro, and I have used M4 and or Combat shotgun until FBI Trucks OR helicopters showed up and I must of took out 50 police each time EASY, and did it 3 times and saved it.

I would immediately stealth kill 1st one I found on the beat and continue the stealth routine by circling around the garage until forced to headshot them with Combat Shotgun or M4, then would always load their vehicle so it was 1" from explosion then back off so it didnt damage my health, repeat repeat repeat, I REALLY thing their wanted levels stayed on me lot less time and they let lot more go near the end as it was as if they were saying "let's not anger that guy, he will take 150 cops out"

Yeah everything you could imagine go wrong on getting Fireproof went wrong that possibly could that any normal person's head would of exploded yet I just kept persisting until I got it andd that was the way it was going to be PERIOD.

I might do the Cop/Vigilante deal to get 150% life, I am finding in my tests so far a small remote place and motor cycle is best but really control your distance on their explosions after you have either made them explode or some OTHER vehicle is smoking into an explosion.

The thing that is nice in the wide open desert is set your self up so you got him coming at you or will be coming around a corner and don't waste a bit of energy or time and just pull out the Rocket Launcher and that puts you into next level quick ohmy.gif)

Thanks Weas, I will try the Logitech as have gone back to flight school and think I COULD get all GOLD except for the "Destroy Targets" to get the Hunter Attack Helicopter to spawn and they said that is very helpful in Vigilante but not sure how you make it a "Cop Helicopter" in my Guide, think it is confused.

I love that FireProof though. That totally rules and was an absolute must to get out with 8 secs left and I knew the game and was fast at that point.

Your Bud, talk to you soon, GTA 4 for PC I saw a Nov 17, 2008 date, maybe it was 26th, going off memory, so hopefully we will be exchanging e-mails and lots of info on that guy and do him together type thing. I won't be able to keep up with you but we can share and play it at same time type deal.

WolfMan2008 (again to sentence structure or spell check so...............)
Well done.

I believe the Vigilante mission increases the Body Armour stats, Medic mission increased Health.

Severus Snape
QUOTE(Wolfman2008 @ Aug 21 2008, 01:45 PM) [snapback]1460526[/snapback]
I might do the Cop/Vigilante deal to get 150% life, I am finding in my tests so far a small remote place and motor cycle is best but really control your distance on their explosions after you have either made them explode or some OTHER vehicle is smoking into an explosion.

The thing that is nice in the wide open desert is set your self up so you got him coming at you or will be coming around a corner and don't waste a bit of energy or time and just pull out the Rocket Launcher and that puts you into next level quick ohmy.gif)

Vigilante Missions (as Weasel stated) give you 150% body armor. The Ambulance missions give you the life boost.

And I am not sure if you are aware of this, but there is a glitch in the game that helps with the vigilante missions. It's cheesy, and the programmers really screwed up by letting this one in, but it works. It was the only way I could finish the vigilante missions (I'd get to level 6 and then I just couldn't get away from the police that were chasing ME). It's simple, really:

1. Get a police vehicle. Do NOT start the missions right away.
2. Drive to a Cluckin Bell (or Pizza Stack, or any other building that you can enter).
3. Start the missions.
4. Get out of the vehicle and go into the building. You have 60 seconds to get back in the vehicle.
5. When the timer counts down to 40 seconds left to get in the vehicle, exit the building.
6. Enter the vehicle. Wait about 5 seconds.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 as many times as it takes to get credit for completing 12 missions.

I know, it's cheesy and weird. But it works. And there is no upper limit to the number of missions, so you could potentially do this for days on end. I stopped at level 25, and it took me about 30 minutes to do it this way.

Of course, you could just do them the old fashioned way by chasing down the cars and killing the criminals. smile.gif
Hey, thanks a lot, I will try that as I spent MORE than my "time" trying to do the Police Missions the Real Way, and, I decided, you know what, to go get a Hunter by getting 100% on all FLight School requirements would be easier than having the cops chasing you, etc in this insanity.......................

I went and looked HOW many would I need to move to 100%? It was like 4. One was circle airstrip and land, Loop -Loop, parachute FAST into the dead center target, AND OF COURSE, Destroy Targets.............

Destroy Targets to me was so hard to just get a 72 the 1st go around I though there is NO WAY I will do this and I have played F4-F16 by Allied Force for thousands of hours so am a flyer but not helo's.

This time I went down lower 30 - 40 feet off the runway? I came in FAST for time requirement, started firing like a son of a gun short of them killing me and kept firing firing firing and before I reached the hanger it said "now go get the 2 cars", of course on a good run, I would get one right away........

My Last run of course everything went my way, I got both cars by leaning the Hunter back and going for #2, BINGO, "NOW LAND ON RUNWAY" and it was just my day as I had to make no adjustments except drop altitude right into that red circle and got GOLD 100% in 71 seconds.

I now have a hunter at my Runway spawn, along with the stunt plane, but guess what? I CAN'T GET 12 IN A ROW, getting in the helicopter is easy for the first 3, then he has you in the mountains/TREES, or downtown highrises and it is harder than ever to line the guy up, I tried Angel Pine, I tore the Telephone wires down 1st thing then ran into a tree................I am going to try again today and sure I will get them eventually, but it is not 1,2,3 ALL DONE with the Hunter on "Vigilante" but I will say, that gun only takes a second and any and everything BLOWS UP, forget the Hell fire for now, that gun is SUPER DEADLY.

Thanks for your reply and I may end up using your idea any way even after all I have done

I've always had trouble with the Vigilante missions. Easy to get to level 6 but after that...
I have been trying to do it now, about 4-6 hours a day for the last week. Currently, just finished the Tagging mission.
Have Medic, Firefighter, Pimping done.
Got within 3 seconds (and two baddies to go) of finishing the 12 level, but failed when CJ was rammed by a Panda.
Learned to use the Paint'n'sprays more effeciently. But when I get above level 9 the game takes me away into the country.
Spent some time looping in the AirPort to build up M/cycle skill. (and picking up M4 ammo while I was at it.)
Then spent time with the Desert Eagle shooting Airplanes to get to Hitman skills with it and the M4.
Found that CJ can go to safe houses with wanted stars and and merely changing clothes removed them (rather than saving.)
Have to research the locations of more of the Bribe Stars. It seems to take 3-5 minutes for them to regenerate, if CJ doesn't travel a major distance away.

Tried using the Glitch, but for whatever reason, It usually doesn't work. And, when it does it only goes 1 or 2 levels.

Interesting Weasel,

What do you the think of my embarassment of going back to pilot school and getting the Hunter Spawning at the graveyard Airport yet still not able to get Vigilante???

I "think" the game knows you are in the helo and I found in early missions running out of time a lot and I will give you 1 example, guy went on Golfcourse on other side, well I saw the blip but could not line up a shot and to just nose down and run over with a pass shooting guns and hellfires is a very small window and he SEES the start and is already 1/2 way to other end so for The Hunter as the solution to Vigilante..........nope, I got to level 6 and it seemed to run me on a short clock as Ii ran out of time.

I MAINLY WROTE to say I DID get the glitch although there were many failures, I persisted and leaving building at 38 seconds seemed to mean something but who knows, it may of taken me 36 tries to get to level 12 but I got it so Weas, Park close to a Chiken place, I used a Motorctcle, went in and stood there, left at 40 secs got back on and if it didn't work after 5 secs, got off and tried it again, every 3rd time about it would make that noise and then ref location of next "bad guys"

However, I been "playing" enjoying all the hard work I put in, I still have not done the races, NONE OF THEM..........but I took over like 95% territory of gangland and I FOUND CJ seemed to die just as fast as he ever did.

HAS TO BE IN MY Head as the big "Award Level 12 Vigilante Reached" Music music etc. was processed so they could not have it programmed to withhold the UPGRADE.

I guess it was just the last 10 % territory has been EXTRA hard to take............I only had 2 blocks of Balas and I stole a bus and took 6 "Homies Gang supporters in the bus with me" and STILL GOT WASTED.

I found the Green Homies get in the way, when they come in a 2nd wave in a line of 12, I hit 12 headshots with my M4 usually without losing a thing, this time the came from 3 directions, + had one sleeper behind a tree slowly eating you up(The Balas) and my guys just got in the way and blinded me.

I went on my own, used M4 to get the war started and handle 1st wave, then I HAD TO get really nasty and pull Rocket Launcher and fire with no regard for ANYTHING, THAT gave me "THE HOOD IS YOURS" there was one star i immediately knew of then had a Cop on Cycle Tell me "your mine now" then he stopped talking and I took his bike and I am pretty good on the bikes, have an eye for breaking fences and back alleys and I TORE to my 1st save location and think STILL they had got my armor/I had only life line, man they get tougher at the top.

I flew over with the hunter and hovered and got a groupp of them on the corner once, then I backed up and went across the 2 blocks as insane fool firing Hellfires fast as I could and GUN left ON, I was 3 stars but got down and saved at Santa Maria Beach.

I like going across and getting Monster Truck and riding over the taxi's as I always flatten tires or blast into the side of a taxi, try to push into ocean, whatever, they have taken "Firefighter level 12" Paramedic High Levels" etc and they ARE ACTING DIFF AS TO SCREW ME UP ON purpose so I have them on a list that people that get on there, do not come off, of course the Cops are on there also and sometimes I will find a cozy spot and load up like up in Polomino Creek or on the porch to the left in crouch in Ganton and I have killed no less than 200 cops in one sitting on a "good run", sometimes in Polomino Creek the Helo cant get you and sometimes it can, in ganton on porch in crouch on whole left side though he cannot get you.

Yeah after I got Fireproof and Paramedic, I spent some special devoted time to the Taxis and cops, well, the Taxi's I always get.........if one is behind me and he yells "get outta the way a-ho", OH WELL THIS requires me to exit my vehicle and bring Taxi Drivers life to an end right away. HAHAHAHAHA
P.S. Cant wait for GTA 4 for the PC, my PC can handle it so really looking forward to it, San Andreas has been best game I ever played without doubt EXCUSE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING< I POST QUICK AND DIRTY
I just use the simple stuff in the gang wars. Being fireproof I usually climb on a building roof and drop cocktails on them. On the ground I run from end to end after each wave, which usually causes them to come from only one direction. The sniper rifle makes a nice effect when they line up for 'ducks-in-a-row' type shooting. Never found it convient to use armed helos.

Got GTA:IV on PS3. Spent about eight hours with it.
Didn't like it. (May try again sometime later.)
Story line too dark. Visuals beautiful, but dark under the Els. Charactor not simpathetic. Cut Scenes seem to be too Long. Missions too short, not requirig much thought on how to complete.
Controls different and difficult to master (for me).
Need to spend time exploring. Certainly not a wealth of weapons/armour as in SA.

That is sad to hear. Let me ask you Weas, what is GTA 3 Vice City like?

I have heard a lot of hype over GTA 4, but I have heard NOTHING after that other than one reply, yours.

Yeah, I have to do all my car races yet, bicycle races and the motorcycle ones................I am pretty lazy at this point. I also have to do those bouncing cars deal, they like you to use the Blade?..............that guy is standing over by Unity Station with red circle............I get my wife to take 2 directions as I just can't do that, I can't dance either, when given the choice to get Key Card from the girlfriend, they said in the GUIDE, "if you are not dating type you can shoot her and just enter the house and take the card on your own"

Well that was MUCH more interesting to me and I blasted her immediately LOL, got keycard in a cake walk, no gaining her happiness to 33% or whatever the requirement was, I would of got angry and killed her in the middle of that anyhow as those women are dumb as rocks.

Catalina? She was the real bossy totally NUTZ one right? She phones CV every once in a while with insane rants, I REALLY wish they allowed CV to team up with her at his choosing by going to her cabin as her talk and what she said used to make me laugh my head off.

See that was ALL HUMOR, if you are not 18 - 21 years old and "get it", the game is going to twist your thinking, so they do need to keep 15 year olds from NOT PLAYING that game. Now I suppose you will write back you are 15, I am 51 so when the radio says the most perverted stuff you could say out of your mouth, I get it and just understand they built a lot of TOTALLY SICK humor into it.

I try getting a small gang of 3 to come with me, homies, and once in a while using the "G" Key, they act like "For life CV,, you know it" then they walk away and had a low dedication green bar when they spoke, so I figure, heck, I been through living nightmare and they walk around smoking pot, if I am going to be any kind of leader I am going to demand respect in the ugliest of ways, and I give them 3 chances, when they walk away 3rd time I shoot their lousy a$$e$, ALL 3 OF THEM, then I ask another group of 3 and they are MUCH MORE WILLING TO COME HELP ME and their dedication line is 3 colors and up there as saw 3 of their Buds just got killed for not "cooperating/supporting"

I can get 7 pretty easy and sometimes they are GREAT HELP, sometimes they start an internal gang war and get run over by another homie and get in my line of fire and I kill them in error or it costs me my life.

Lazy one holding down 95 % territory for whatt it is worth,

Actualy Millie is my favorite GF. If CJ wears the Gimp Suit on every date CJ will have the card in three dates with No Dancing, No Dining, No Driving.

A lot of people really like the GTA:IV, do a google and/or check the forum for the IV game.

The Territory Gang Wars are my favorite part of the on going missions, going for 100% in that part of the game. (I like to collect all that money at Grove Street).

Car meets, I use the GamePad, which makes car hopping (and Dancing) really easy compared to KeyBoard.

Using homies in gang wars only works for me when I get CJ above them. Like on a roof. But then the cocktails can't be used on them.
OK Weas, yeah I Googlesd GTA 4 rewiews and it was 8.1 or something. Call of Duty was 9.0 and I got tired of that game. Crysis RULED but went under the radar as it was TOTALLY HACKED from the start, beautiful game, example I hit a guy 3 times right in chest with Rocket Launcher and he lived and killed me with some gun shots pppppfffff

I quit playing, I think I played one more siingle player on HARD and that was a riot, then boxed it until 2 sons have fast computers, only one does now, you have to play it with people you absolutely know are not cheating.

Weas, you MISSED ONE QUESTION: What is GTA 3 VICE CITY like?

Is it a great game, just different "color" from "San Andreas"?

Let me know, I now have 98% territory, suppose I could go up to San Fierro and try to wipe a Gang off the map and see what happens. I tried using the keys racing the motorcycle yesterday, it was a total waste of time, I notice I have completed some of the races from prior missions and have 1st place landed.

I really have to get past the keys, I do have the XBox 360 controller working better, that is what allowed me to pull off the 71 second destruct targets run in getting Pilot License and land perfect. Up and down programmed ++ etc.

I stared at the screen dumbfounded when it came up 100% on that as that Destroy targets WAS at 72% and I said "hey, I passed the thing, I don't give a crap about anything else, that really was a pain in the butt to the MAX" so going back to get a Gold Pilots License took some imagination, dropping low after running a good length and then plastering like "all 3 at once" is essentially what I did, I raced up fast dropped and stopped and shot just high enough I didnt kill myself and it gave me a "now go get the cars" before I even got past first part of the warehouse next to the 3 trucks on the right.

I had "Q" and "E" programmed but just used the stick a lot on the 360 controller and I relaxed, just lined one up and shot about 10 Hellfires and held gun constantly firing and I got both cars ONE, TWO and it said "Now land", I was like ready to have head explode, I figured the landing would be a nightmare or something but I got it low right away and it sank right in PERFECT.

Enough about me, why was Millie so much fun? And of course, Is Vice City a GREAT GAME ALSO?

Hey, I never thought of that way to pass the helo problem, I have got to redo and try that.

About the GTA Vice City (I have it on PS2):
That game led me to San Andreas. I liked it except for the Charactor being unable to Swim. Man, does he drown quick. It does have it's own feel, which isn't too bad Or I would never have gone to San Andreas. I say it's second best to GTA:SA.

Millie is so nice, she is the only Girl Friend that doesn't make demands on CJ. and, when CJ gets the Key Card she doesn't bug him about dating. If I remember correctly she only called him once; to ask about the Robbery and her cut.

QUOTE(Weasel @ Jun 6 2008, 02:37 AM) [snapback]1445504[/snapback]
You might also refer to your game manual.
The PC manual pages 7 - 10

Also pay attention to the upper Left of your monitor screen.

Instruction as to which keys to push will be displayed there when you first encounter a situation as part of the in-game Tutural.

Who the fuck reads the manuals?!
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