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Thanks to some ingenious work from Brandts on our forums, the 100% checklist will now track your game completion percentage based on the items you've checked off.

The checklist now works almost as well as it can, and assuming you check it all off properly, you should find that it displays the same percentage on the website as it does for you in-game. Check it out by viewing my two profiles: Psy and Psyware, and rember you can share your completion profile with any of your friends too!

In other news, we've teamed up with UberCube to provide you with an energy boost while you battle closer to 100% completion.

Über Cube is a caffeine-infused chocolate chew designed to help you get the instant energy boost you need. Whether you're working, playing, exercising, or just craving that extra little bit to get you going, the blend of caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and vitamins B6 and B12 found in an Über Cube will help you tap into your body’s full potential.

Those things certainly come in useful on an all-night GTA marathon, believe me! And what's more, you can save 10% on UberCubes by using the coupon IVTV when you come to order. Check them out!
Skippy Sigmatic

I'm kidding, by the way, we all need monies.
I have yet to use the checklist properly but then again I have yet to strive for 100%. It will surely come in handy, now more than ever. Great work.
The 100% checklist was gasmically fucking cool when I first used it to nail my way to a key, but with the %ages thrown in it'll be ultra-super-rawking-gasmically fucking cool.

I believe you will find that Little Jacob requires 75% not 60%
QUOTE(Skippy Sigmatic @ Jun 5 2008, 03:36 AM) [snapback]1445094[/snapback]

I'm kidding, by the way, we all need monies.

As with all of the other advertising and links on our site, none of it makes me any money, I'm just posting it because they've offered a deal to our site and I'd like to pass that onto the members if they want it.

QUOTE(HawkXP @ Jun 5 2008, 09:57 AM) [snapback]1445205[/snapback]
I believe you will find that Little Jacob requires 75% not 60%

Thanks for that, I've updated the list. I'm not sure what Brucie's like percentage should be, so I've set them all to 75% to be on the safe side. Can anyone confirm otherwise?
I don't really do chocolate... I'm a red bull/shark + pro plus kinda guy.... Go get us deals on them Psy!! haha tongue.gif

Just kidding! Cheers!

(p.s. I added you on xbox live last night because im sick of playing online with noobs and want a piece of the action with you guys.)
Nice one, well done. smile.gif
I'd forgotten about UberCube until now...


Oh, and nice one on the %'s!
This übercube thing really makes me think about these "mexican doctor" or "bean cafe" spoof site seen in GTA4... Also "enlarge your penis" kind of spam site. Weird.
Anyway, thanks for the good site and forums.
Thanks for the checklist. It serves as a great backup for the paper copy that I have. Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!
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