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My first car mod, thought I'd share it tongue.gif

Not a great deal has been changed because I'm quite obviously, not that advanced yet.


Its good for first go.... is it finished?
Nah I wanna change some colours on it, add paintwork and get a different backdrop.
That's pretty damn impressive, the colour on the wheels could look a bit more "natural", and the body colour could do with a tweaking, but the body work is excellent, nice one.
Thanks wub.gif
It looks to much like some strange cross-breed. I prefer the original.

However, I like what you did with the bodywork and tyres so if you can make it look more like one car and sort the colours out then I might be impressed.
Just needs a few little things, Finish off the Paint, the Two Tone doesn't suit it, better coloured Rims and Chrome Exausts.
very nice only I think the down side of the two tone colour isnt really nice tongue.gif
Thats great. I had so much trouble with these. I agree with the two tone and the wheels don't fit in. They are very hard to find i know but they just don't look right.
its called digimodding... the rims could use a little work..

here is oneClick to view attachment i've done.

I was gonna say those sparkles look stupid but I see they are in the original.

Looks nice tho. Red and Blue dont mix well. Thats why its Red VS Blue.............

QUOTE(Qdeathstar @ Jun 6 2008, 03:38 PM) [snapback]1445743[/snapback]
its called digimodding... the rims could use a little work..

here is oneClick to view attachment i've done.

What in Bain's name is that decal on the back? QD with a creepy furry fetish? ohmy.gif
here is my attempt at this one...

Click to view attachment

My mates car, think he crashed it or something a couple of months later but whatever.

I got bored with it as I could never get the parts to fit at the right angle, it is too limiting.

Yours looks pretty good however you need to work on the whole paint look, I mean damn that is the easy bit and it is what is ruining your project.
i used to do these i got a bunch of them with bodykits but they never turned out that clean. how did you do the bodykit?
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