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It's very strange,,,,when the mission started and he jump,and i had failed.......
i try to run but always failed......... how to finish it ? angry.gif
Wait, who runned? And what mission?
That would be because you have used too many cheats, Let me guess more than 500?
the first mission . . you know when we have to save madd dogg,he drunk n he want to jump...
do u know ??
when the mission started , immediately i run to the car...but when i ran it's failed,i try i try but always u know what i mean ?? so can u help me ??

Come on man be serious...=D
please help me.. i really confuse..
yeah of course i use cheats,,i use weapon,infinite health,infinite oxygen n etc.. i think 10 cheat..
Really because i use cheats ?? are u serious ??
PLEASE reply,thx
First off, DO NOT CHEAT. It isn't necessary, and the game is easy enough to play without them. That very well could be what is messing up your game. If you are failing before you even reach the truck you need to save him, then it is definitely a bugged game due to cheats or just a corrupt/bugged save. Try going back to an earlier save if you have one, or start the game over.

Make a habit of keeping at least 4 different saves in case something gets bugged again.
But if i didn't use cheat, how to buy house??i mean safe house..i only had + money,i can't buy shoes,T-shirt,hat,tatoo and barber shop...So it was because cheat ??
You can get plenty of money shooting peds and drug dealers. Drug dealers in Los Santos drop $2,000 each. Don't need to kill many to get rich quick. Also, there are the side missions for running businesses. Burger Shot in Las Venturas, the convenience store in Los Santos, the hippie store, Wang Cars, and Zero's shop in San Fierro. There is also the abandoned airstrip that will make you money.
thx for reply...
That cheat thing did not happen to me. I had cheat 2000+ times before that mission and passed it first time.
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