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Vice City seems to be the next logical step in the series, History seems to repeat itself, I'm sure you all know. GTA1 had Liberty City, Vice, and San Andreas, PS2 had Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. Now PS3/360 has Liberty City...

Ok we already had Vice City on PS2, but then again, We already had Liberty City as well. Vice City still seems to be a favorite for many, and it was a great, and very popular game at the time it came out. The PS2 was pushed hard to make a great game with a great city and story. Which I think it did a great job. Vice City was a pretty cool city for GTA and it really felt like you were down in Florida, but so much is missing that could have been there. Think of a new Vice City on PS3/360 with the scale of San Andreas, Add a few more cities to the surrounding area, with swamps and small towns in between. Down in Florida its crazy, there is so much more to Florida that was left out of Vice City. First off there is a great variety of different kinds of people. There is ghettos, Rich neighborhoods, A lot of different ethnicities, Some neighborhoods are nothing but blacks, others all Latino, Some all white, then theres places where all live together. Drugs and Corruption is a major problem down there, so that would fit GTA perfectly. A wide variery of Vehicles. You got the hicks in the 4x4 trucks, You got the Niggas in the Chevy's sittin on 28's, You got the Mexicans in their lowridin 64 Impalas, bouncin up in down through the hood. This game could bring back many of the features from San Andreas, that were missed in IV. Living in Florida is all about who's got the nicest shit. Who's doing it big. Who got the fastest car, hottest woman, Biggest rims, flyest paint job, nicest house, most money. Whos getting attention. I don't live in Florida but my cousin Ryan does. Hes been a cop for over 5 years, A lot of shit goes on down there that most the public don't know about... When I was down there, shit was insane. Its normal to see people ride right down the main street on 4 wheelers and dirt bikes, do doughnuts in the middle of the road. All you see is old skool cars with loud ass exhaust, stereo, and big rims, But theres also the country side and the suburbs. Wide variety of shit going on down south that would be cool as fuck to be in the next GTA game. Most people they don't live there, or been there, don't have a clue what I'm talking about, So here is a few videos from Youtube that might interest you.

this is an everyday occurance down there. Just imagine Euphoria with all the Dirtbikes and 4 wheelers on the road. Get in a big ass Chevy sitting on 30's and go plowing into a crowd of dirtbikes. Off road vehicles in the woods and the swamps. Police chases on jet skis, shit is endless.

48 Views and no replies??? Yall dont like this nigga thug shit???

Well how about Vice City, New Orleans, and Houston??? Or some other Southern City like Atlanta or Some shit??? Make it like Sana Andreas and have separate cities all connected with small towns and shit
I like your ideas. Vice city was amazing but didnt include many of the real life goings on in florida. it had what can be belived as a tourists view of florida and didnt include all the diffirent cultures.
A new vice city should be more of a Vice State for a game like that to work on next gen consoles.
maybe keep the core vice city map, build round it and make it a modern day game. ( i love goin back to the eighties but i think modern day would be better)
The problem is, and it's been said many times, is that the appeal of Vice City lies in its laid-back, carefree 80's atmosphere, which I doubt R* will repeat, it wouldn't be a logical move. Besides, R* already said that they redid Liberty City because the GTAIII rendition didn't reflect a true New York City, whereas the VC rendition was closer to a true copy of Miami. However, I would like to see a new, crisp Vice City, perhaps with a few other cities includes and maybe a bit of "wasted space" (countryside.)

Not sure how the storyline would pan out though; you're on the run from hillbillies in Alabama after violating their pig, and have to go on a quest across the southern states of America torching trailer parks and eliminating rival yokel gangs to reclaim your honour?

QUOTE(ViceMan @ Jun 5 2008, 10:14 PM) [snapback]1445428[/snapback]
Not sure how the storyline would pan out though; you're on the run from hillbillies in Alabama after violating their pig, and have to go on a quest across the southern states of America torching trailer parks and eliminating rival yokel gangs to reclaim your honour?

lol. That could be a problem. you wouldn't really need to include that much countryside but instead put some in for roaming purposes (san andreas never ventured into the country that much, Vice city on next gen wouldnt have too either)but in the style of the GTA series a next gen Vice city/state (i thnk state would be better) is the bet many fans would put their money on
Honestly Seeing how DLC is being Delayed i think they are doing VC For Multiplayer Like free roam or other stuff. It would be sweet.
Thrilla in Manila
If every GTA game was set in a different city.... shit would get annoying for the developers after a while. I'm saying Vice City. New Orleans is probably the best candidate for the next GTA game... they might have some trouble going there and trying to capture the feel of the city and shit because the city is on fire right now and probably will still be on fire by the time the next GTA comes out. People like straight up get shot in the head and their car stolen. That's kind of why I'm in GA right now.

But yeah Vice City would most likely be next. Everyone's gonna say noooo plz don't do Vice City AGAIN, but when it comes out no one is gonna give a fuck and start sucking Rockstar's cock.
I honestly would love for them to do Vice City again, but I certainly like another city too, just so long as it is the US. The only one thing I really care about, though, is that they include better "nature". In GTA IV, the parks feel really bare and the trees are pretty gross. I think this is especially important if they were to redo Vice City, as the vibrant, colorful plant/animal life is the essence of Florida. Rockstar needs to take a few looks at Far Cry 2, etc etc and focus a little more on plant life.
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