We've decided to make a few changes to the rules for the guides forum. Instead of us needing to add you to a special user group so you can post your guide, we've set it up so that you have the ability to post them straight in the guides forum. If you're happy with your guide and it's useful, send a Private Message to a forum Administrator with a link to the guide, and if it meets the requirements, one of us will add it to the guides section on the main site.

When writing a guide, please bear in mind the following:

Make It Detailed
The guide should be as detailed as possible, but keep it to-the-point. Don't repeat yourself, but make sure your instructions are easy to follow.

Own Work
Everything you write in your guide should be your own work. If you NEED to use other work, you MUST give credit to the original author.

Informative Name
Give the guide an informative name so that people can find it easier.

Keep The Aesthetics Simple
Try to stick to text only for your guides, with various bolded headers to make the guides a bit easier to follow. If you need to insert any images, they must be no bigger than 600 pixels in width.