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OK. I don't own San Andreas on PC yet, but I got my PS3 controller set up to work with my computer.


The only reason I want SA on PC is for all the cool mods. I havn't got a clue what or how to do anything though. I've never posted in this section before but I really need help.

1. How do I mod the game???

What I really want is to replace a lot of the cars with real cars, Where do I get them??? What sites are good??? I really like old skool cars and muscle cars the best.

How do I change the modding shops to have different parts to mod my car with??? Like different rims, Lambo doors, etc???

and Finally how do I make a custom radio station with the tracks I want????

I'm sure I will have more questions because I'm leaving now to buy San Andreas for PC. The main reason I'm getting it for PC is the mods, So if I can't use the mods I don't want it. Please help me if you guys can. Also a 100% save file would be good if i can download one??? IDK if I can but I really don't want to beat the game again lol.
I hate to say it, but GTAGaming has all you need for settin yourself up with mods. I got back into it recently and they fixed me up good.
GTA Gaming???

Thanks a lot. To bad their mods and a lot of members are shit.

Will it tell me how to use the mods their???

i bought the fucking game for pc and i cant mod it cause its version 2. thank you everyone for not fucking help me out. rot in hell
Try using the SEARCH.
QUOTE(NiggaMan @ Jun 10 2008, 04:23 AM) [snapback]1446690[/snapback]
i bought the fucking game for pc and i cant mod it cause its version 2. thank you everyone for not fucking help me out. rot in hell

Lmfao... chill out. You posted a topic and then by the end of the same post you said you were leaving to go and get the game. Thats abit stupid, how is that leaving anytime for some one to reply?

As for Version 2 of the game... is that the version AFTER the hot coffee?
I don't know but I can't mod it. I just want the mods and I can't return the game now why the fuck is there a version 2 and the mods dont work? WTF. Reminds me when my 1st Vice City Messed up...
k I'll help you
All you need to do is to convert your version:

Download this
And change your Script and Main files with V1s

Then to mod your cars download IMG Editor, or SAMI (San Andreas Mod Installer). I use IMG Editor (tough it takes longer) because for some reason SAMI won't work for me.

Example: you want to mod Greenwood.

Open the folder where your mod is in. Take out "greenwood.txd" and "greenwod.dff" (or something like that) on desktop. Then open IMGTool. Go to:
File - Open - gta3
You should see bunch of shit there. Go to:
Edit - Find - type in Greenwood.txd and press find next. Then do rename - old_greenwood.txd. (you can also press delete, but if you don't like the mod then you can just rename the old_greenwood.txd to greenwood.txd and delete the mod, instead of reinstalling the game and loosing all of your mods)
Then do the same thing with greenwood.dff.
Now go: Commands - Add, and add the greenwood.txd (the mod which I told you to put on desktop), and greenwood.dff.

That is for cars.
If you want to mod shit like vending machines, skins, hair styles, clothes etc. you do it the same way, except that you need to open other files except gta3 sometimes

If you got a map mod, you can do it this way:
Example you got a desert airfield mod (i got it, thats where the example is from D:). Take the mod files called "countn2" and "countN2.IPL" (that is the name of that part of the map) and go to \Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\data\maps\country and take those old files and backup them somewhere. After that replace the mod ones with the ones in \Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\data\maps\country.

That's pretty much it

thank you very much. Sorry i flew off the handle I get pissed when it comes to games lol.
Sharpie Fetish
I get the same way god of war really pissed me off to the extent that my ps2 controller just happened to smash off the side of the table and break into bits... mellow.gif
lol. When my ps2 messed up it ruined my original Vice City. I went out and bought it again, only to find out that my 100% save file didn't work on the greatest Hits Version... I was pissed, and my Controller had a similar situation biggrin.gif
Oh my
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