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1: Is it better to play on ps3 online with a wired or wireless connection?

2: If i buy a wire can i plug it into a wireless router?

3: If i want to buy things off the PSN how do i do it, is there some sort of points card i can buy like the xbox and wii have?

Thanks AA
1) Wired

2) Presuming they have an Ethernet port, they normally do.

1. A wired connection is more reliable. Although wireless works great to and you don't have to deal with the wires.

2. Yes most wireless routers do have Ethernet for a wired connection.

3. The PSN doesn't work the same way the Xbox does. You don't buy a card. You need a credit card and you can select an amount to put into your "wallet". The buying process is very easy and if you don't have enough in your wallet when you try to purchase something it will ask you if you want to add more. The only problem is that you'll end up with odd amounts left in the wallet. I don't think you can get the money back once it's in the wallet.
PSN cards should be coming soon to North America. so far there's been nothing said about PAL regions.
PSN cards? not familiar with those what are they?

basically if you don't have like a credit or debit card to buy things from the PS Store, you can buy the PSN Cards at a store and use those to add funds to your account.
Ohh I see, thanks
apparently they've been kinda released.
but the guy says he keeps getting an error ... so it's just a matter of time.
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