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Paul NYC
Wouldn't it rock if the next GTA involved a new character doing missions for people like Niko, CJ, Tommy, and the mute guy? Let's disregard the realities of the storylines when these guys were characters too, and just think about how cool that would be. If anyone else has some cool ideas about reuniting old GTA's into the new one, post here.
That would be cool. I always thought the funnest GTA would be to play as Salvatore. That would be a kick ass game.
what sit on your fat ass smoke cuban cigars slap marie on the ass and tell some thug to go whack this guy collect this and follow him. and when things got bumpy you go out there and do it yourself wow i don't know i like takin the throne from them by like workin with all the fractions but really your chacater got this plan like in lucky slevin where he played the 2 factions against each other to get close enough to take them both out that would be a good story for the gta series. just think you play with this smart ass character who is pretty much playin them into a trap besides be all these people bitch just to make some money you know what i mean.
It would be sick if people stopped posting about GTA IV in the general section.
I think they're all dead like. Theres a topic on it in the GTA4 section.
I'd like to see a "Downfall of Tommy Vercetti" type thing, but I don't want to see a game dedicated to something like this. But yeah, I can see Tommy gettin a bit nutty as he gets old.
I think it would be awesome for DLC if Tommy, Toni and Carl pulled a job together with Claude and now Niko as the muscle.
I would personally love to play as Tommy all over again, he had something that other characters didnt have and thats charisma.
he was played by ray liotta, thats what he had. not like the guy who played niko and keeps asking for more money - prick.
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