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Just saw it... I must say, worth seeing. Indiana Jones was one of my main childhood movies, so I had high hopes. The movie had good action, and they worked with Harrison's old age well. A few of the stunts in general were overkill, but not sooo much. The movie did seem to jump all over the place, but again, not too bad. Without spoiling too much, I'll just say that there were some unexpected "unnatural" events (Think Raiders of the Lost Ark face melting or Holy Grail; living, but ancient knight) that would be considered just weird- but if you just remind yourself that all the old Indy movies had those, it makes things more comfortable.
I'll probably go to see this tomorrow, looks awesome.
I'm seeing it next weekend before my brother moves, but I must remind people. POST SPOILER TAGS.
I liked the film alot. They actually brought in some real historical stuff, and mixed it in with fantasy. Dunno if they did that for other films, but I'm older this time round so I understood everything more.

This film has fucking awesome effects and shit. Some of the scenes are just amazing in terms of sounds and visuals. (e.g: Waterfall)

The ending was abit quick though, and didn't explain much. I could see it coming, but I wanted abit more of an explanation. But I still think it had a good storyline, and even better visuals/sound etc..
There was an issue with the bullet sounds going muffled in certain parts... strangely enough, the same thing happened during that scene on the porch in The Happening. Somebody is cutting some bad corners...

The movie wasn't bad, Indy 4, I mean. It definitely became strange but at least Shia's character allowed for more depth than he's usually used to. It was just slightly above average in rating. That was because of the slick way it was made and how it developed.
I kinda know the twist becuase I seen a thing on the real crystal skull (just on AOTS, but its still educational tongue.gif) but they didn't directly give it away so I don't know for sure.

The twist is........


Darth Sexy
I quite enjoyed it, although too many people get kicked out of trucks. Also, [spoiler]the alien coming alive at the end was a bit much[/spoiler].

It also needed more Nazis. Overall, well worth seeing though.
Well, considering it took place during the Cold War... Nazis wouldn't fit in so well. Ruskies fit in fine I thought.
Darth Sexy
QUOTE(Professional Deuce Dropper @ Jun 19 2008, 09:13 AM) [snapback]1448953[/snapback]
Well, considering it took place during the Cold War... Nazis wouldn't fit in so well. Ruskies fit in fine I thought.

Can never have too many Nazis.
... okay. Go shit out some shingles will ya?
Honestly I never really liked Any Indiana Jones Movies. But around the end of last month me and a couple friends went and seen it for the hell of it and we had nothing else to do. I thought the movie was awsome. It had great visuals, and great acting. i give it a 10 out of 10. My fav actor is in it.. lol i cant remember his name but he was in disturbia too. He's a really good actor.
Boss of GTA
was a awesome movies
wow, lots of people liked it... i've seen numerous other people trash the movie, saying it was completely unreal... but, those people i don't think ever saw the first 3 movies because, those were pretty unrealistic too...

it may be the worst movie of the series but, it's still as good as the others... it's a true indy film, which i was concerned that it might not be since it's been 20 years since the last... but, it was everything indiana jones has been about... a wild crazy adventure, finding some ancient old treasure thought to of been myth, a crazy sidekick, lots of scenes involving moving vehicles, puzzles/traps/clues, etc...

i'll be renting it on netflix in a few months just to see it again... it's indy baby!!

~ i didn't think it was possible but, indiana jones and also the die hard series actually put out really good movies for their 4th installment which, seemed quite skeptical since both actors hadn't played their roles in nearly 20 years... but damn, both were spot on and stayed true to the series... that is very very uncommon in hollywood these days...
its out for a while now, but i still havent seen it...hmmm
QUOTE(zgzg @ Oct 14 2008, 08:19 AM) [snapback]1468530[/snapback]
its out for a while now, but i still havent seen it...hmmm

It released today on DVD.

Go pick it up, watch it, while watching it, think of worthwhile postings for this site and stop with the vague interjections of nonsubstance.

Welcome to the site.
Movie was awesome as all of the Indiana Jones are. Ending sucked though.
Dr. Evil
I went to Target to get Iron Man and was about to leave to check out and passed by all 4 Indiana Jones movies on dvd in a box set!!! I'm all giddy like a schoolgirl now laugh.gif
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