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i just bought a usb headset (not sure if that is the right name, you know the thing with earphones and a microphone). anyway, i bought it to use on my ps3 and i just thought of something. Will it work???

i have not opened it yet just in case. so could someone please tell me if it will work.

this is it. ClearChat Comfort USB

again, could someone please tell me if it will work as i really want to use it.

thank you in advance. biggrin.gif
Im about 95% sure this will work on your PS3. The 5% saying no is because I don't have it and therefore can't be certain.

But I don't see why any USB headset wouldnt work on a PS3.

Yeah it should work, some guy I play with uses a usb one but I think its a PS2 one, but if they allow you
to use usb keyboards you should be able to use a usb mic.
Guess there's only one way to find out.

Indicates that a USB headset would work.
i opened it after reading the posts above. if it didn't work i would ask you each to pay 1/3 of the price if i could not get a refund. i paid $39, so that would be $13 each.

but the good news is that it worked.

to all the people who think they have played gta4. you have not really experienced all it has to offer until you talk to stoned guys or crazy people that swear every 2 seconds, while palying.

do your self a favour and get a headset.

btw thanks for the help and you won't be hearing from my lawyer.
Brilliant thanks J-D!
cheap as chips compaired to the Ps3 wireless ones!. im gonna buy one, found one on ebay tongue.gif
10 ohmy.gif fuckin bargain

by the way, do any of you guys know if the phone bluetooth wireless thingy's work for ps3?
example and good price?
the phone bluetooth wireless thingy's do work for ps3.

but i would not recommend one. i had one but it kept cutting out. i have no idea why but i got a refund.

then i got a usb headset instead.

if you have a choice between the two go with the usb option, as i have had no problems with it.
hey guys i got a usb head set. and when i plug it in and go into the Mic options to pre set it for the Bluetooth. then the ok button below it. when i got to play i cant hear anything? even tho both out put and input are under microsoft LX 3000.. ??? im lost can anyone help?
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