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In Kontrol
When ever I play my music on my PS3 the volume keeps fluctuating, i.e. in some parts of a track it's loud and then in others it's quiet? What's the need? Means I have to keep adjusting the volume all the time.

Any ideas?
In Kontrol
Looks busy in here...

Yeah it is seems no-one's actually here to help you out when you need it?

Alot of people look at the topics, and if they can't help they usually leave.

Could it be the tracks themselves? I believe (illegally) downloaded music could do that.

Also, you should check your A/V cords if you use them, see if they are plugged in properly.

That's all I can think of right now.
QUOTE(HB~Sauce @ May 23 2008, 12:08 AM) [snapback]1440045[/snapback]
I believe (illegally) downloaded music could do that.

Rather unlikely, illegally downloaded music can be of better quality than if you brought it ironically, I doubt it is a problem with the tracks.

I can't really think what the problem would be other than as you say the cables not being connected correctly, it is either that or a dodgy connection with in the console, that is presuming it isn't attached to an amplifier and then that could also be the problem, it won't be the speakers themselves unless of course they are active speakers and then it would still be the amplifier integrated into them.
If it doesn't give you problems while you're playing a game or movie then you could rule out cables. Is the media being played from a disc, streamed from your local network or saved right onto the PS3? Have you verified that it isn't bad media by playing it on another device or PC? Make sure you rule all of those out so that you could find out if it's a bad PS3. Then when you run out of troubleshooting ideas, call up Sony and see if they can help you over the phone.
In Kontrol
It's being played direct from the hard drive and it's not bad media either.
Sony has some general troubleshooting for audio with different types of installations. #s 8, 9 and 12 on this list might be useful. If none of it helps then you should definitely call Sony.
SCEA Consumer Services
1-800-345-SONY (7669)
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