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I decided to replay GTA SA till I get GTA IV. Then I was at mission 555 We Tip. And I saw that the hotel where you need to set up to that DA is called Vank Hoff ROFL. (like wank off)
Yeah this is old man but still good.
Strange that I never heard it.
lol yeah, that's pretty funny. I don't get why R* loves to make references to the words, "wank off." Has anybody else noticed? There's the Vank Hoff Hotel, Wang Cars (CJ's car showroom) and Juank Air (Or something along the lines of that). Juank Air is the name of the airplane company or whatever when you board a plane from one city to the other.
Junk not Juank lol tongue.gif
QUOTE(neko_ceko @ May 23 2008, 12:25 AM) [snapback]1440236[/snapback]
Junk not Juank lol tongue.gif

Uhh... no man, it Juank for sure.

Juank Air, like "wanker"
>_> I always thought its junk, and its actually juank.
I started new game too see is it junk or juank, and its juank -.-
Wow. Strange
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