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I have a question about going online with my PS3. Atm I'm with a crappy satellite called Galaxy something I don't know but I found out that a highspeed provider Bell is offering an
outdoor modem and it says it provides 2 Mbps. Is this enough to play PS3 Online and make it playable with out any lag ?
yes... it is good enough... anything better than 56K is good enough
Alright thanks man
yeah, mine is about 2.5 Mbps and there's practically no lag.
my ping in Warhawk stays at like 80-100; not too bad.
Oh thankgod since I'm getting it insalled soon because its an outdoor modem. What about the upload speed ?
I have 8mb connection and I get 200-1000 ping on UT3.
I'm guessing that PS3 games are yet to filter servers based on location?
I'm in Australia, so maybe i'm playing on American servers?
Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Australia didn't have any UT3 servers.
It's not quite as bad for GTA IV but still pretty bad, around (I'm guessing) 100-500.
This is comparing to me having 50-80 ping on 512k playing CS:S
I'm on a wireless network that's always in use quite heavily (at my mums) and I get no lag on IV at all, 1mbps is the speed of it.

You'll be fine.
Aright I hope so I'll probably be using a wired connection when playing online.
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