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If it's one thing all of us GTA IV gamers have in common, it's the frustration with the game's inconvenient freezing. 2K Games, the publisher of GTA IV and Rockstar's parent company, has revealed that Sony will now join the effort to get GTA IV to work 100% bug free.

2K Games said that the problem originates from the hardware in the launch versions of the PS3. Although the XBox 360 hasn't been error free, this freezing fiasco has been a major nuisance to GTA IV gamers worldwide and should be fixed soon.

2K Games is sending out this message to PS3 owners with trouble running the game:

QUOTE(2K Games)

There is an issue with the launch edition of the PS3 and this game, the game was checked over and passed as 100% compatible with the current version of the PS3, of course the earlier version has custom chips which mean that it is a very different animal from the current PS3 on sale.

Sony are aware of this difference and are looking into producing a new firmware just for the earlier version of the PS3.

Thank you to for this information.
Good news I guess.
So its the launch PS3s that have the bugs. Well thats why im getting fucked in my anus. Though I usually do, this time however im not enjoying it. rolleyes.gif
weird... i got a launch PS3 and it works perfectly now that i downloaded the patch

well, not perfectly cause multiplayer stats are not being saved but it doesnt freeze anymore.
All video games tend to freeze every once in a while, no matter what console youre using and no matter how old your software or hardware is. This is something natural as it happens when the game's disc isnt read properly sometimes. However, the freeze problems that PS3 owners of GTAIV were experiencing was a tad different than those 'once in a blue moon' freeze glitches that occur with almost any game. The ones they were experiencing was severe & repetitive, and had to do with the bad programming of the multiplayer feature of the game. It was already revealed a week ago that the multiplayer feature was behind all the problems of GTAIV users not being able to play the game properly. The temporary fix for the game was to sign off PSN and log out of any internet connections whilst playing GTAIV's single player campaign because apparently the online connection interrupted the game from functioning properly. So the source of the problem was thankfully not as bad as we thinked, it was an external problem more than it was an internal CD or Console problem. That was fixed by the patch, but in order to ensure better experience I guess the people who bought the first batch of PS3s (when it first came out) are the ones behind this problem. Theres a new batch of PS3s coming out this summer in the United States, hopefully itll replace all these problems.
Thank god I got my ps3 in Febuary!
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