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here is one i made in like 25 minutes.
its not much but i hope u guys like it Jumpy.gif

Comment pl0x! biggrin.gif

Signature picture:

Desktop Picture:

I kind of like it but it seems that each part of the picture has a different effect/colours. The blending is okay and the "Things will be different" font could be better.

Overall not bad.
well, for the font, i liked something simply and quick readable, nothing special.

i'm not a true hero at photoshopping unsure.gif
Same tbh I just notice things about signatures. For example on your signature the first image you've chosen, it looks slightly squashed. It's actually quite annoying.

Don't get me wrong. It's an excellent attempt if you don't use photoshop often smile.gif
the squashed thing i did myself, it normal picture is complete light blue in that area.
Nice blending man
like it overall smile.gif
looks abit to busy, too much goin on
text maybe improved abit in some way?
anyways, welldone bud good work!
Yeah, i think your right about its quite busy.

i now added a desktop picture. hope u like it..
(will be added in first post)
I like it but as others said it's busy but its still good, great job thumbup.gif
The sig itself has too much going on. Calm it down a little. Despite the good blending technique, the images don't naturally blend together as there is too much contrast in colour.
Definitely too much going on.
Also only one Niko might help.
Great effort, keep it up.
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