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i've got a burning question i need answered... i have two avatars of two of my favorite movie characters... i need a little help in deciding which one to run with...

• in the left corner i have everyone's favorite bowler, walter sobchak... walter is known for his veitnam stories and pulling guns on people who go over the line... over the white line in bowling...
• character played by John Goodman
• seen in "The Big Lebowski"

• in the right corner, we have everyone's favorite reporter, raoul duke... duke is known for his suitcase full of upper & downers, and has been known to have his attorney with him for legal advice...
• character played by Johnny Depp
• seen in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

you decide!! damnit i can't decide myself... i did have raoul duke for a few days but, i just made a walter one and now i can't decide which one to use...

The Big Lewbowski rules. Great film.
don't know who either of them are but Raoul Duke is a good one
Walter to be difficult
Use the 2nd one (Raoul or w.e)

Never heard of them though.
ok, for those of you who don't know who they are, i've updated the first post with links to their movie wikipedia page, as well as telling you who plays the characters too... ohh, and if you haven't seen these movies, go see them NOW!! especially the big lebowski... you may need an acquired taste for fear and loathing since it's all about the american dream and how far you can push it without letting the fear get to you...

both actors turn in some of the greatest acting performances in cinema history... period...
I say raoul duke ( Johnny depp )
idk why, but i sure do like his acting, he always gives a funny twist on the things he says

and btw bOnEs, i realy REALY like ur signature!
hunter s thompsons the man, no comparison
cool cool cool... i'll leave this up another day just to get in a few more final votes...
ok, polls are closed... raoul duke is the winner!! yipee!! i shall wear it proudly biggrin2.gif...
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