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i was on GTA4 today for a while..turned my console off and went out. came back and have been on it for 45 mins for so, did the three lead clover mission and my xbox redlighted. though its done the thing where it redlights and u have to send it was different this time...the redlights just flashed and the game turned off straight away. is this an actual redlight this time rather than the fuck-up redlights? if you follow me...? so my xbox has either just overheated cos i was on it too long orrrrr will i have to take it back?
cheers. x
In Kontrol
Sounds like overheating to me.

The PS3's green light will change colour and flash when it detects that it's overheating - it has to be manually switched off so yours will probably be different.

Try and keep your XBox in a relatively air cooled area.
QUOTE(In Kontrol @ May 9 2008, 02:36 PM) [snapback]1433206[/snapback]
Try and keep your XBox in a relatively air cooled area.

The whole thing about the 360 supply heat is consumers are not
aware of 'wall-worts' or 'elpacs'.....they're transformers basically.

In television or radio facilities, any industrial facility installation really,
equipment racks have wells behind the racks to mount the external
power supplies of smaller equipment with tie-wraps.
Hollow areas, we tie-wrap external supplies, encoders, decoders,
converter boxes, etc. back there as they are external to the main rack housing.

As long as you have your 360 on one shelf, or surface, and the
external supply (wall-wort) on another, it will not over heat.

The external power supply is a transformer, and these run warm by nature.

Idiots who buy these special enclosures and stuff the external supply in there
with the actual XBox 360 chassis, and close them up....are asking for problems.

Did you see how many red lights there were? Each pattern means a different problem. If it was 2, then yeah, it's overheating.

Also remember that it's not just the 360 that can overheat. The monstrous power brick is prone to it as well. I believe the light on the brick turns red if it gets too hot. Make sure it's well ventilated as well.
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