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Anyone watch The Apprentice last night? You'll probably agree that was the best episode so far and awsome boardroom antics with Sugar getting seriously pissed. As things start coming to a head nicely I thought we could have thoughts on whose gunna make it to the end, and who will get the job?

Personally I think Raef (sick breh) and Claire are dead certs for the 2nd last episode (interviews), but apart from that the others have had moments of being quite good and VERY shit. I also think Sophocles has the potential to do well now that him and Sir Alan have a bit of Jew banter.

Highlights of series so far:

Michael celebrates winning task : ''COME ON!!!!, COME ON, *smacks table*
Sugar: ''This is not a football match, this outburst of yours''

Nick Hewer talking about the idea of a National Singles Day: ''NSD? That sounds like a urinary tract infection''

Kevin the Little Britain look-a-like on his (rather dull) management style: ''I inspire peoples lives, I make their lives inspirational'' - very David Brent.

So yea all hail The Apprentice, the closest thing to sophisticated reality TV we will ever get!
I wish Simon wasn't fired a few weeks ago. I thought he was pretty good, it's just Claire is a fucking pain the arse and her voice makes you want to cover your ears whenever she opens her mouth.
Yea thats true I used to really hate her, now I find her quite funny in parts, that Lee guy is fucking mental, I think if Sugar fires him he would just leap across the table and smack him!
Raif will probably make the finals.
QUOTE(Van Hel Singh @ May 10 2008, 06:13 PM) [snapback]1433589[/snapback]
Raif will probably make the finals.

Did you see what Sir Alan said about him him on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross? He really likes the guy, so I think he's a potential winner, or at least it'd take a huge cock-up to get fired.
Is it just me or is the Apprentice already won? I remeber them having a live final before but the final 2 had been ready for ages, most of the episodes have already been recorded. Jonathan Ross is recorded earlier in the day/week so Sugar would already know who makes it to the end? Was he any good in the interview, presumably no one wants to know about his company because a.) its boring and b.) he covered that last time he was on the show so presumably its just stuff about The Apprentice?

On another note, this weeks task (wedding dress) doesn't look as funny as the one in Morrocco.
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