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Not sure if this is normal or not but i thought is was pretty cool. I went to a Paint and Spray to get my car colored black (it was a Comet). I kept backing into the garage over and over trying to get black. Probably after about 8 try's it came out as a purplish green florecent color that would change depending on the light (not sure what the technical color is called). Now this may be common but I thought it was kinda cool.
well i've seen the purple/green color shifting paint jobs on a few cars (and had one myself) but it wasn't fluorescent. you're sure it was fluorescent or just kind of shiney? anyway, yeah there are some cool paint jobs in the game, lots of candy paint and shimmer. don't really care that you can't customize, but the variety of colors that you see is pretty cool
I had a Hummer, or AKA a "Patriot", like that so I keep it next to my safe house for showwing off.
QUOTE(BuffaloBills10 @ May 7 2008, 05:15 PM) [snapback]1431771[/snapback]
not sure what the technical color is called

Pearlescent Paint. Sometimes called Flip Paint as well. Basically changes colour depending on the angle you look at it and light reflection.
Yeh man.../\
Has youz not plaid ane need 4 sped gamez!
yeah i knew it had a name, i remember seeing it in burnout, couldn't remember though. Can you get all the paint jobs in the game through the paint n spray I wonder?
Do you have the patience!
Skippy Sigmatic
its called a PAY and spray, btw.
I first noticed one when I was picking up a Dukes for Stevie. He mentioned it was pearlescent. Twas, and it looked awesome.
there's both candy color (one that's very shiny so it feels like 2 colors, e.g. orange and gold) and real pearlescent color (blue/green, purple/green, black/red etc)

and yes, you can get all of them at the pay and spray.
although I have the feeling that the pay and spray that's name is AutoLimbo (the one in western algonquin that is at west way) seems more willingly to put on a "special" paintjob such as candy or pearlescent or even like 2 or 3 color paintjobs... might be just a feeling tho.
Grand Theft Moped
Chameleon Paint
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