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Introducing gangs would be perfect!!
If you look at the gangs by, for GTA IV, you will be truly surprised and amazed.

There is a captain, his own personal bodyguard, the limo driver, the asassins, the captains of them, the philosoph, everything!!
Even the private spy!!

This would be something really cool and big for

So, DuffMan, or Pyro, please tell me what you think.

Mad Space Ghost
Sounds like a cool idea to add diversity to the site instead of the stupidity.
Sounds like a clan to me? lol. And we already have this.
We already have multiplayer/online clans around here who actually add IMPORTANCE to certain aspects of the game. Other than that, having play-pretend 'gangs' in a forum is absolute rubbish. Whats your Limo Driver gonna do, pick you up in real life? At least the clans have something meaninful to do since it adds to the online features of the video game, but what about forum gangs? Its not going to do anything special, to the contrary, all it would do is make more differences between us. Id hate to see 'gang' flame-wars around here, that'll be the most pathetic thing this forum would ever go through.
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