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GTA Juggalo
My best crash was in Algonquen, I was driving a red calvalcade, the full SUV version. I was going quite fast and I went up a hill which had an intersection at the top. And I plowed into the side of a taxi killing the driver and lodged the SUV under a parked semi trailer. It was very spectacular! Post ur best crashes!!!
i waws doing the mssion where you have to kill jayvon and i hit a cab whilst on the bike and flew off hitting a feltzer in the bumper OUCH!
Sharpie Fetish
I watched by cousin do this he was driving the car that brucie borrows at full speed and hit head on with a car in front he went through the windscreen went about 20 foot forward and smashed his head off the front of another car resulting in going up 10 foot in the air lol

I have also done the same in Saints Row
Smashing into a Manana on the Algonquin bridge, the Manana flying over the side and Niko landing on top of the car infront.
Ex-PS Fanboy
in algonquin, i was fleeing from the cops, then, when heading to the park, i pulled a 180 in a hope to lose them, instead i spun around and the rear of my car hit the wall with such force, the back end was crushed completely and both wheels were locked
both my doors were allready knocked off my car i bailed from it cuz it was in flames but it was during a turn so i was out then when the crwas sideways i went back in through one door and out the other and right after the car exploded and sent me flying even worse i had full ealth and hen i died it was pretty chill though
In Kontrol
The wonders of Euphoria! biggrin.gif

I've never had an accident where my vehicle has been disabled by it, although probably my biggest/best car accident was when I t-boned a taxi and I went straight through the windscreen - in a roly poly fashion.

(makes note to crash more)
w r e C k dd
I was driving around looking for places i cuod jump off with my car and hit one that made me fly into the water.. I landed on a boat:) it was pretty sick since i jacked the boat after.
New guy here happy.gif

My favorite car accident was actually not an accident per say. My buddy and I were playing around in the party mode and he was firing off rockets at me as I barreled down the road at him. He shot once and missed. He shot again and the rocket hit the ground to the right of the car. The explosion actually altered my course and caused the front right corner of my car to be caved in quite alot. The front right wheel was at a terrible angle and locked up due to the deformation of the fender. I could drive the car but it didn't steer well and the front right wheel wouldn't roll causing me to leave a skid mark where ever I went. Eventually after driving enough, the tire blew off and I was riding around on the rim.

It was very cool. I couldn't believe the amount of damage done to the car.

Welcome JD ^

I think I have two I was coming to Algonquin from Dukes or Bohan which ever it was I dont remember and I was riding
the NRG-900 and when I came out from the bridge I was speeding really fast and a stupid Huntly Sport flew right into the intersection
making Niko fly and flip over it until he hit a sign with his upper body and then just flipping on the way down causing me to die (:

Another crash was when I was on a highway in Bohan and I was in a huntly sport and I went through the highway wall which had a broken peice
so you could go through and my car side rolled and when I came down I landed on the roof of the car and the top roof was all smashed in
it looked amazing.
I just had a great car accident on the Plumbers Skyway.
It all started with me getting a helicopter.
and fooling around with it.
to cut it off a little, I ended up on the Skyway with no more tail and no more rotors on the helicopter, but without no explosion either, just ripped these 2 less important features of that thing off.
the Skyway is a highway, and that's what the speedlimit says.
about 5 Calvacades, 3 motorcylces, a couple of taxis and a few other cars that all got piled up because of my helicopter, or better it's remnants that were standing on the right lane, a 6th Calvacade came and smashed my bones between his front grill and a taxi's side.

Totally reminded me of the good ol San Andreas pileups on the highways
Un-Amurikan Bastage
I love taking a car onto the bridge that goes from Broker to Algonquin (not the Broker Bridge, but the other one), handbraking it at that intersection right before collision with the stopped cars and flying into them, through the air over them, and rolling dozens of times before plowing into a building or other stopping agent. The damage is fantastic...

Not really a "crash" per se, but the most awesome demonstration of the damage system was when I was in a police chase. I was in a police car, and I went down to some industrial-times area on Algonquin. I went over some grass and drove over a 55 gallon drum, which exploded under the rear end of my cop car and catapulted me forward onto a road, but I couldn't do much more because the back tires were paralyzed. What was amazing was that the whole trunk section was pushed upward a bit, crinkled and crunched over every inch. The car looked like it was trying to do the scorpion...I couldn't fathom a physics and damage engine so fantastic...
Phantom + High speed + small hatch = epic smash
My mate came round to see the game (hes still waiting for his copy) and after hearing how the handling of cars/bikes is harder, demanded he would still be ace on a bike. He was flying down a stright road on a NRG-900 and was doing quite well untill he slid out abit to much, lost control while speeding towards a red light and a lot of stationary cars, JUST managed to level the bike and fit between all the cars stopped at the lights and while going "HAHA DID YOU SEE THAT, I'm THE BEST" somebody got out their car and he slammed into the open door.

Needless to say, he shut the F*ck up after that. . . . . as soon as we both stopped laughing that is.
My best crash wasn't even my fault i was getting away and a cop patriot rear ended my sential on a turn making it flip twice and last on its top....needless to say i got killed as i was climbing out.


Actually the best by far just happened so...I was driving a huntley sport for steve to get painted in algonquin across the bridge from bohan then i lost control and drove over the bridge barrier...i thought i was fucked but i landed on the little dock below...picked up some free armor and drove away from it. (up 2 set of stairs no less)

i was thinking id have to get the huntley its just needs to be fixed...really bad..the whole back roof is collapsed...
but i mean the chance of falling on the dock and not the water!!!

its barely wide enough for the car to fit!
Thrilla in Manila
My best crash wasn't really considered a crash but a result of consistent crashing because the algonquin-broker bridge is so fucking crowded and I'm running from the police.

It was during the "Three Leaf Clover" mission when all I had to do was escape my wanted level. I couldn't find a 4 door car ANYWHERE and the cops were shooting the fuck out of me... the only cars that were on the streets were van cabs. So I jacked one and drove off going full speed toward broker. I tried to weave in and out of traffic but it seemed like every fucking car wanted to change lanes just as I was speeding by and I crashed several times... eventually my tires caught on fire, but I didn't realize it until it was too late. I tried to bail as quickly as possible. As soon as I opened the car door, going full speed on the bridge mind you, the shit blew up and all 3 of us were flailing through the air... I went over the bridge walls or whatever you call that shit.
not a crash but i like dropping a nade at my feet LMAO
This thread is piss funny first of all tongue.gif

Best crash for me was when i stole a car, had two guys hanging off the door handles, hit the E Brake and slammed the side into a taxi killing 1 guy, the car immediately spun around throwing the other guy under the wheels of an on-comming SUV....

I nearly wet myself. This game is crazy scooter.gif
QUOTE(CadillacCreepin @ May 7 2008, 02:38 AM) [snapback]1431521[/snapback]
not a crash but i like dropping a nade at my feet LMAO

Do you also like smashing your head against walls?
I was chasing some bikers along the train tracks under one of the bridges, after shooting one off his bike the other tried to get away by going down some stairs and I hit him at full speed, got flipped of the bike and did 4 or 5 flips through the air until Niko's head came into contact with one of the cross beams on the bridge resulting in another 3 or 4 flips and then fell to the ground landing on and smashing a cops windscreen.
They got out and shot me to death, Bastards
I don't know if this really counts as a crash, but the first time I got a pistol, I stood in front of a stopped car (someone driving it).

I shot them in the head, killing them and the car started driving VERY fast towards me. I didn't have time to think what was happening before I died, but it was awesome.
i suppose i'll give my most resent. i was stealing the sanchez for brucie, and flew off the bridge (the one that is right above his garage) did one or two backflips, the bike hit the top edge of building in front of me sending me tumbling onto the roof as the bike fell to the ground. what really sucks is that my life was already down, so when i jumped down to get the damn bike i died.
Ok so i took my lamborghini and found a super jump. So i reversed to get speed then shot off while in the air my car tilted forward enough so that my landing was on the front bumper i bounced around on the front and back bumper and when i stopped a truck sped up and hit my car lighting it on fire and i jumped out right in time to dodge the explosion.
i find that the big SUV's deliver the coolest crashes... i actually like to just take it and drive super fast down a strech of road and then slam into oncoming traffic at a stoplight... i never fly out the front windshield and, 8 times out of 10 i kill at least 2 drivers of other vehicles and end up going monster truck on half the other cars at the light... it's pure fun...

then of course afterwards, i like to drop a grenade in the middle of the chaos too... that's always fun blowing up 4-5 cars happy4.gif...
Best one for me was when I was driving very fast (can't remember which car) and I ended up ploughing into a car in front. I was fine but the driver and the front passenger of the car in front went flying through their windscreen! Definitely a laugh out loud moment! biggrin.gif
Hit a bus stop...through windshield... hit by car as I get up..."...." ...yes it happened three times !
Most spectacular crash for me was while tearing down FrankFort Ave in a Super GT heading towards the comedy club with a 3 star wanted level. I was trying to hit the little construction ramp/jump on the side of the the street when a cop bumped my rear end and caused me to spin out a bit at top speed just as I hit the ramp.

My car went end over end a few times in the air before smashing nose first into the ground causing me to be ejected straight into the ground, dying on impact. But the death scene lasted just long enough to see my car flip a few more times down the street before landing on another cop car and exploding. I didn't get to see if it blew up the cop car too, but I would imagine/hope so.

There have been quite a few awesome crashes for me so far but that was by the far the best, I spend most of time now just crashing cars to see what happens and trying to die in insane ways. smile.gif
I had a specfuccintacular crash in a Patriot (Hummer) that was on fire. I was flying through an intersection; hit head on with truck; causing the Patriot to explode; sending my flaming corpse out the windshield (mostly because of the collision) and not a second later; the truck I hit exploded sending my airborne corpse in the totally opposite direction.

Ohh heres another...I sniped an annihalator pilot with a 5 star wanted rating before getting back in my car... when the helicopter came down in front of me I was going to fast and tried to fishtail out of it and do a 180. However the car flips over rolls a bit then catches fire before exploding as the Helicopter explodes!
ok i was on a bike and i was speeding to pick up roman, and i hit the back of an SUV I did a 180 in the air and randomly die, I had full health and armour, yet I still died.
Un-Amurikan Bastage
I just had another really cool one. I was flying through Alderney in a Faction and I hit some car head on, which turned sideways and went back a bit, just as mine did, which is normal. Funny thing is, I saw the driver come out of the car burning, and the engine was on fire...don't know what happened, but I commend myself on that one biggrin.gif
i was driving around on an PCJ-600 and when i made a turn Niko hit an lamppost and fell of the bike :S
(sry about the bad english)
i was driving on the motor way and purposely crashed into the barriers, went through the windscreen, into the water! laugh.gif lol
I Made Your Mom In GMod
Cops in full pursuit I was screaming down the Broker Bridge in a burning Huntley. The fire was spreading from the engine to the rear wheel arches just as I caught sight of a police road block at the Algonquin side of the bridge. I waited until I was reasonably close before I jumped out to ensure maximum impact speed in case it didn't blow up in time. Luckily the thing was half way over a police cruiser before it exploded, killing christ knows how many cops and destroying at least three cars. Unluckily for me, Niko bounced JUST high enough off the road to be slammed by one of the three cruisers in pursuit straight into one of the burning wrecks. What followed can only be described as a spanking chain as car after car piled into the wreckage, crushing poor Niko in ways I had only previously imagined. Needless to say I died.
I Always love getting one of the city busses and Just plowing thru anything in my path... It doesnt slow down or break down... Its always a fun past time of mine.

One time i was doing this and I plowed into a whole buncha cars by the gas station in Broker, and the cars flew into the gas pumps and Bodies and Cars Flew Everywhere. It was Great!
hi my best crash was in the infernus i got from bernie
i was racing down the algonquin bridge at about 230mph and i clipped a taxi and thats when things went wrong
the car flew in to the air and rolled twice
then it hit the ground at the bumper
then flipped 4 times
then rolled again and hit a sultan
and it then scraped the ground on its roof
rolled down the bridge
then hit a car
rolled onto its wheels
i got out
it wasn't working
i left it
i miss my car
but this can happen
well i had a bad accident in my car (the pinnicle)
i was driving down the algonquin bridge and i hit a damn taxi and my precous car flipped
then rolled 5 times
then hit a sultan
rolled again
then smashed off the bridge
and landed
on the garbage boat
andi fel out of the window

the problem was that car was on black smoke
2.i was stuck on a boat car stalled
4.i now have no car
It has to be that day I rammed a cop cruiser head on with my Pahntom and both cops came out through the windshield.
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