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Possible find. I don't know what this 'scene' is all about but maybe you do, in the 2nd floor of the police station stairwell you can on occasion find a female police officer lying down on her back surrounded by 3-4 male police officers (there's sometimes just two cops leaning against the wall smoking). At first I thought they were beating up a tramp. Check it out and see what you think.

A random person I found, possibly being a psychopathic, pedophile murderer (even I thought this encounter was a bit seedy).
Eddie Low found at night in Alderney:

Some are finding Cherise (Dwayne's ex only available if you let her live) pretty hard to locate, she is outside a closed (not the open) Cluckin' Bell.
That random person you found - did they show up as an icon on the map?

Was driving around that area and a small dark icon appeared. Got out of my car and when I got near to this scruffy looking dude it went to a cut scene. He starts jabbering on about how rich he is (although he looks a complete state) and then gave me $100. The music and auto-save kicked in as if I'd completed a mission.

Edit - Just found another post about this - green stick men on the map.
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