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neko_ceko exsorbeo looks like a dick?
The Last Sunset
I think a lot of people do. And I think Rockstar very much intended it to resemble a phallus.
Rockstar loveeeeees cocks.....
I was looking at it and saying "Hmm this looks like something I saw before, but I can't remember what...."
And then I saw it was a cock lol
They obviously meant for it to look like that.
I know lol, that's why I said "Rockstar looooves cocks"
Meh, I suppose I might aswell add this, check out the bowling alley logo in IV. Cock n' balls anyone?
QUOTE(neko_ceko @ Apr 30 2008, 09:02 AM) [snapback]1426971[/snapback]

Uh yeah, in 2004.
Yeah lol. R* always makes references to those kinds of things. I can't remember, but did Degenetron in VC look like a dick or something too? Or am I thinking of something else?
QUOTE(§ynch @ May 13 2008, 12:38 AM) [snapback]1434707[/snapback]
QUOTE(neko_ceko @ Apr 30 2008, 09:02 AM) [snapback]1426971[/snapback]

Uh yeah, in 2004.

I never noticed it because it wasn't in the game, but on the website.
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