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Grand Theft Junkie
I was watching the tv in Niko's room and there was this show called i'm rich and it showed that this girl went to bullworth acadamy when she was a kid. Does this proove the 2 exist in the same universe?
well...why wouldn't they? GTA also exists in the same universe as Gran Turismo, James Bond and Saints Row.

But i see what you mean, and seeing as R* made Bully, it's probably just a reference.
It would be awesome and stupid at the same time if jimmy was in a gta game
I'd kill that motherfucker for funsies. I liked him though.
No, you'd give him a wedgie, ask him how HE likes it, THEN kill him for funsies.

How awesome would that be if one of the downloadable content was Bullworth. not sure how you would get there from Liberty City though..or even get to go to Carcer(sp) city from GTAIII and Manhunt.
Ahh well I'm going all off topic here
dude what are you talking about GTA does not take place in the same place as saints row. wowowowowowowowo. someone dosnt know what they are talking about......
Same universe, yeah, it does, same galaxy, or same world? NO, it does not. No, no, no, no, NO.
I believe in Niko's resume to GLS it states he went to Bullworth Academy, England. (Probably made up to give him a good first impression.)
I don't think Jimmy will be in the game, if hes still a teenager JT would have a field day "GTA Teaches how to kill Teenagers"
Packie Friend
ya in final interview wen you his reseme said he went to bullworth in england or something

Banana Boy
QUOTE(The_Technician @ Apr 29 2008, 10:58 PM) [snapback]1426560[/snapback]
GTA also exists in the same universe as Gran Turismo, James Bond and Saints Row.

what the fuck are you smoking because I would LOVE to know and purchase some of that tender.

no where have i seen it in Gran Turismo, there is a race track based on NY but, in no way does it affiliate with GTA
Beast Jericho
He's being a smartass.

To OP, cool story bro.
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