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Brucie needs a flashy car, but his won't start, so he's going to steal a car from a guy called Steve.

Riding A Golden Comet
Flag down a taxi, or grab a car and make your way to the Race Car. You'll find a Comet. Get in it, and you'll be told to get to the race start point which is a few blocks away.

3... 2... 1... Go!
Make your way to the start of the race with Brucie. From there, it's a simple checkpoint grabbing race. Remember to brake very early for corners, and try to avoid the other racers spinning you out.

You can win the race without pushing too hard, so take it easy, but put your foot down on the straights. You should remember to keep checking your radar to see where the next checkpoint is going to be.

Once you reach the finish line, assuming you're in first place, Brucie will celebrate and ask you to take him home.

Drive him back to his apartment and listen to the conversation between the two guys before entering the mission marker.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips
  • Your reward for winning the race, is the chance to keep the Golden Comet. I suggest you take it to a safe house and park it in the parking space. This will come in very useful for the rest of the street races.
  • You'll unlock more street races from Brucie shortly after this mission.
Messed up the first time, but a hint for you people that are doing this race, at the start other drivers will try to knock you out so be careful of that, also it makes the race a lot easier to pop at least one of their tires on each car if you have the guns. happy.gif
When you get in front with a little lead slow down to a point where you stay in front but wont crash every corner. When the corner is coming up back off way before it then brake.
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