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Although there's not too much content there right now, our Guides Section went live upon release of the game last night. Slowly but surely we'll be working our way through covering all of the missions and objectives. If you've played through any of the missions that we've covered, and you have anything extra to input, you have the ability to post comments on the guides. Visit the guides section and view a guide, then below the guide you'll find a link to post a comment if you want to.

You can filter the guides showing either only missions guides, or guides from the other categories, or you can filter it further and show only a certain bosses mission guides. If you're stuck on a mission, you can even type the mission name straight into the search box and we'll show you that guide if we've done one for it.

We're also looking for guide writers, so if anyone has any interest in making guides for unique jumps, pigeon locations, etc, please get in contact with me and we can arrange something.

Stay tuned for further updates over the next few weeks, and I hope everyone enjoys the guides section so far.
This is will be great, thanks
Look forward to the great guides!
Im gona stay away from them cos I don't want spoilers, but I'm sure their awesome, nice work.
I want to shoot some pigeons!!!! 200 freaking pigeons!!!!

You guys are fast!! :-) Great job, will surely look into them after a while! (gonna need it for the pigeons I'm afraid)
you never stop do you psy? fuckin tank.
Damn the driving is hard... the first guide should be how to combine handbrake with normal brake and then throttling to pull old GTA corners. Maybe that sentence alone is all anyone needs in order to figure it out through trial and error.
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