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Roman tells you that you've got to get online because there's a world of opportunity. He wants you to visit the TW@ internet cafe and get an email account set up.

You TW@
Grab a car and head to the internet cafe a few blocks away. Head inside and walk towards the counter. The woman will explain how to use it.

Walk over to a PC and then move the cursor over the Web icon, and you can now browse the internet.

You'll need to click on the "Check Mail" link to find the email which will allow you to set up your email account.

Once you've browsed the internet for awhile, leave the internet cafe to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips
  • The internet cafe is open for usage after this mission. You can browse hundreds of web pages for a good laugh if you're bored.
In one of the in-game computers, type to view maps of the locations of pigeons, weapons, armor, ramps/stunts, health, entertainment, and vehicles.
if you walk up to the cash register you can open it and take the money . leave quick cause the cops will be called. if you leave fast enough you wont show up on their radar.
I accidentally found TW@ long before that mission and was able to log on O_o
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