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I just want to take this opportunity to say a quick thank you to everyone who has visited and contributed to the site over the last few years. We're less than 24 hours from the game officially going on sale, so the need for searching the internet for new information and images will certainly die down and I appreciate quite a few of you won't be back to the site for awhile to avoid spoilers. For those of you who won't be back, thanks for joining us on the long and exciting ride, I've been happy to provide you with the information you've been craving. For those who will be coming back, we have plenty of new stuff planned for you to continue enjoying the site including one of the biggest sections to be revealed on the site; a Guides section that will cover every mission, objective, unique jump and everything else there is to do in the game, as well as videos, screenshots, and just general chatting about GTA4. We'll also be keeping the spoilers under control, so you will still be able to view the forums without reading something you didn't want to.

Thanks again for all of your support for the website, without you guys being a part of the community the site definitely wouldn't have been the same.

I hope you all enjoy the game, and try to come back soon if you can!
Despite ive only been here for about a month I have enjoyed my time being a part of this community and I don't plan on going anywhere...also thanks for all the hard work you gave put on the site pay we all appreciate it .
Im not sure when i started visiting the site, a while ago! (Its not blocked at work) I check here way to many times a day for updates! (About 8 time so far today) Its been a good time wasting excercise! So Thanks for keeping my gta'd at work!
Darth Sexy
No worries Psy wink.gif

I'll only be avoiding the GTA IV section for a while, so fear not!
That speech made me feel like a dick.... You thanking us. lol

From how long I been here which I think I was around 14 or 15 years old when I first came not even knowing what a forum was, to tell the truth I don't think I even realized there was sites that fallowed individual games, Ive grown up on the site in a way. *sniff* Noooo don't cry DJ. sad.gif

Anyway it's always been great. Happy new year... Er... GTA IV release. biggrin.gif
no you know what thank you for giving us such a great site and such a fun website to view Ill be back for sure maybe not for the next few days after I get a few str8 days of gtaiv then ill come back and see how yall is doin

till then have a good one to all of biggrin.gif
thank you psy for keeping san-andreas updated with all the gta new even before san andreas was released!

honestly i remember the hype for gta san andreas and now 4 is coming out its brilliant.

ill definatly keep an eye on the site, infact i reckon ill get a load of use out of it when the next gta is due to come out tongue.gif
:'( touching.

This is the best GTA fan site in teh world!
I'll stay on this site till next GTA comes out, and then next and etc. ohmy.gif

Oh and:
00 Days, 08 Hours, 57 Minutes and 10 Seconds to go!
ive been visiting this site since 04.

its been great mate
cuda is your boi
We should be the ones thanking you.

Have not been around too much lately, something I regret, but this was the first forum I joined, so it has a place on my e-heart. (wub.gif)

Thank YOU for all the effort, keep strong.
I've been on this site, since it started but this is my first comment. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and cant wait for more information after I buy the game in 10 hours 35 minutes and 13 seconds.
Fuck that, thank you. It's been great coming here, been here since late '03 I do believe.

I know this isn't the end of the site, but...

So long and thanks for all the fish!

For shits n giggles (mainly for me).
Thanks, Psy. YOU ROCK!
This site, you guys, have kept me on the edge of my seat...for the past 6 months @ least. I've seen pretty much ALL the other GTA sites, and (IMO), this one is second to none. Thank you guys for keeping our never-ending thirst for all things GTA quenched and satisfied.
Now, before I get all "ferklempt"..............All I can say is, "4. Whuuudyadoooon?". Gettin' er' did' son.
i havent been here that long either but this site has helped me so much. i come here everyday for new info and i appreciate the good information and how easy this site is to get used to. thank you for helping me speed up the time up to this games release. great job and great site, ill be back once i beat the game, twice
Thanks to you mate. You have worked very hard on this site!!

After I completed San Andreas I went away from this site only visiting briefly when GTA LCS & VCS came out. Of course this site was a great help.

As I bit the bullet only last Friday and decided to treat myself to a PS3 and the game I have started visiting again. A few names I recognise and a lot that I don't.

Good to see the site has kept up with everything and I look forward to using this site when I get stuck somewhere in this game.

Good luck controlling all the different sections of this game!! You are gonna have a nightmare mate biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

i'vo nly posted about 6 times in the last 24 months but thanks...
I have to run to class now, but thanks Psy, been enjoying your sites since back in the day when I would be visiting Gouranga! and the like. Never been a regular poster because I think most of the time the forums just have too many younger kids and horrible english that drives me nuts, but I've always loved your work and dedication. Always look forward to more in the future, don't stop, kid!
we need to thank you for giving us the info on the biggest game of the year. i like the fact that every time i cam in this site i found something new to read or see. i am happy i could be part of this site.
No Simmons. Thank you

I wouldn't have been into CoD, GTA as much if it wasn't for yous. Even BF2, the only reason I got BF2 in the first place was cos RT gave it to me, and the only reason I know RT is cos of [GFG]

Shit, I just realised how this one site has affected my life quite alot now!


Before I get all sentimental and start crying - I ain't going nowheres

thumbup.gif, it's where it all started (well, for me)
yes the real thanks go to all the people who run this site, im not really in a posistion to say much since ive only been here for about a month, but it was an awesome experience to say the least.
I've only been here for about a month but this is easily the best GTA website about. Big thank you to you, psy!
dats all good and dis site is the best in GTA shit, but why di hell do i still have a 40% warning. what the fuck maaaaaan!
Thank you, Psy for the great website. I've found myself checking these pages nearly 10 times a day or more. Your dedication to providing the latest news to your members is much appreciated.

Again, thanks.
QUOTE(Mekstizzle @ Apr 28 2008, 03:24 PM) [snapback]1424601[/snapback]
No Simmons. Thank you

Before I get all sentimental and start crying - I ain't going nowheres

thumbup.gif, it's where it all started (well, for me)

Amen. sleep.gif
Yeah thanks to Psy and all the mods for all the work they have put into the site and forums.
I'm gonna miss the run up to GTA4; coming on here way too much to check for new info.
I'm not going anywhere though. smile.gif
What about when the PC version comes out? There's always a huge modding community for the PC version.
I certainly burned a LOT of time on this forum. And I certianly mean that in a good way. This was the very first forum I've ever joined and its the only forum I am still a regular on. It pretty much taken care of all my forum-whorage needs what with The Asylum and all. Its pretty much turned me into a dork. If I never came hear I wouldnt now what games are getting hype and I'd probably end up buying a lot of games like....Iron man. mellow.gif Not only that but the once flourishing graphics forum had turned me on to photoshop. Now I've gotten pretty good at it I aspire to either get into graphic arts or even more so, animation. So its safe to say, as silly as it may sound (Not that is sounds silly to us that is, but to the outside world conformists [FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS!]) that the forums over these near 4 years have changed my life completely. And it difinitively provided me with hours of entertainment and I have also met a lot of cool people. I, like the rest of us are thanking you more than you could ever thank us back. You and all the staff have put so much work into the site for such a long time, and without that this wouldn't be the best GTA forum ever and I might be...oh, idk......a Chavvy Chav ass fuckhead working at footlocker for the rest of my life. So to you, Sir Simon Elliot (thats right your a fuckin' night!) and the rest of the staff, fuckin................thanks smile.gif

Same here Psy and the rest of the mods, thanks for all the fast and accurate updates and I ain't going anywhere either... :-) There's also still the clan ofcourse ;-)
I only added D-O so far, but the rest will come in time... lot of work there!

Cheers again mates and wishing everyone happy gaming withing 8 hours!!! (6 hours here!)
Mr Pink
No, thank you Psy and all the mods for doing such a terrific job.
I just take the chance to post my first comment in this here

I've been following this very site rite from from the start (tho never registering until a few minutes ago), lurking the forums and checking all the fabulous news you presented to us.
my visits here, with the game getting closer, got about as frequent as every 20 mins or so, and it feels like there was new stuff here every time.

I totally appreciate all the effort you guys put in to run this site and also felt soo happy for you, psy, to be able to make this awesome trip to NYC last week, writing this wonderfull diary for us.

you thanked us who followed the site for all the support and appreciation, so it's just fair to say that it was a real pleasure.
But, the ones who really have to thank someone are we, we have to thank you and the whole team for everything you've done just to give us our (in the meanwhile) hourly dose of GTA4

I'm really looking forward to what you can offer us within the next weeks and months and'll gladly check in for more to see and read!

so, for the next few years with GTA4
Why are you typing in caps?
You really have no need to thank us Psy. Please, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to providing a fantastic information service to your fellow gamers. I left this site for a long time once I had finished with San Andreas and I only viewed for quite a while in the build up to Liberty City. However, once the release date was fast approaching, there was only one site that I would be coming to and here it is. Lucky for you, all your hard work certainly wasn't without reward (ref your all expenses paid trip to New York), through my slight bit of jealosy I was delighted that R* had treated you so well for your troubles.
Cheers for the nice words, but if anyone deserves thanks then it's definitely you Psy mate. smile.gif
ezekiel 08
Thank you for the thanks happy.gif .

I've been using this site ever since it's creation and I have been even more impressed than I was with, and that's pretty hard to do! I'm super excited that you have decided to make a Guide section, I still use the old site for San Andreas :-), it's the best there is!

I feel that we should be thanking you for all your efforts and all the other that run this site and kept us up-to-date with all the info from around the world. And many thanks go out to all you on the forum that follow the rules and are a great source of information too.

Hope you will all enjoy the game as much as me, woohoo!!!
I Made Your Mom In GMod
Haha, the silly goose provided a website, got us exclusive info and screenshots and gave us somewhere to spend thousands of fun-filled hours of our life every day for the past 5 years and HE thanks US. You're a legend, Psy.
QUOTE(Lazzbrium @ Apr 28 2008, 07:35 PM) [snapback]1424872[/snapback]
Haha, the silly goose provided a website, got us exclusive info and screenshots and gave us somewhere to spend thousands of fun-filled hours of our life every day for the past 5 years and HE thanks US. You're a legend, Psy.

Mad Space Ghost
No Simon, thank you! biggrin.gif
Thank You everyone for creating such a great site and community and espcially Psy who is a legend for starting the site off in the first place, I remember when gta san andreas was announced and i checked the old site regualy but i never joined the forum until later on through-out the game, but ever since gta4 was announced ive always been on the site checking for updates ever since and its the best fansite out of them all i would say, and i dont plan on leaving at no point, as gta4 is just a few hours away and this site is gonna be great as you say your going to upgrade the site and add loads of cool stuff for help which will be great, as was awesome to read stuff about the game
12 scott emm 12
Thank u psy and all the others that help make the site. cheers for all the info about gta 4 and i'll definatly be comming back to check out screenshots and info about missions and stuff!! THANKS and only 4 HOURS TILL THE GAME IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif:D:D
no worries psy! i'll always be here! my #1 gta source!! ^^ lol 10 hours for me tongue.gif
Thanks Psy for running a brilliant site that followed on from the Success of Gta-Sanandreas.

I remember you as Psycopsy from the days of Chatting on MSN about Stunting in GTA-Vice City, then SA, And still strong to the GTA cause!

Thanks again, the hype wouldnt be the same wink.gif

just as others have said, Thank you PSY for creating such an awesome site. just like was my primary source for san Andreas, this site as been and will be my place to go for GTA info. I will be back for the Guides, and I hope to be back for the next GTA.
I registered an account here so I can say THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKIN THE PAST 2 YEARS FLY BY AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! If I can go half on a baby with all of you, I would wub.gif I prolly be back here for pic of the month and for GTA4: Hawaii. Only several more hours to the actual game is on sell. Hope to kill you all online, CU ALL AROUND!! cool.gif
12 scott emm 12
gta: hawaii ? is that the nxt game cos it sounds quite good
I'm not gonna be like everyone else and say "Oh no, THANK YOU!". I'm gonna mix it up a bit.


Thank you Psy! Keep up the great work!

*[brotherly] group hug*
You're welcome Psy, spose my hard work has payed off an' all... wub.gif
QUOTE(Zacko @ Apr 28 2008, 10:10 PM) [snapback]1425155[/snapback]
You're welcome Psy, spose my hard work has payed off an' all... wub.gif

*puts arm around Zack in a drunken fashion*

This guy........this is the guy right here....

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