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so i'm running the Ps2 version of the game and when I do the breaking in at Caligulas mission, I can't pick the parachute up. This isn't the first time i've had this problem sometimes CJ just won't pick up and item. Is this a common glitch
...nope i've never had this happen

maybe you need to start a new game? i know you're pretty far through but it may help...

But with the release of IV imminent, what does it matter lol?
You have a weapon in the same slot. Hit L1 I think it is to replace it.
HA! i never even thought of that...and it's so much less effort than starting a new game!

Psy might be right, as sometimes it doesn't give you the L1 prompt to pick up, but you can pick it up anyway.

Yes this problem has happend before.
Search forum. If it's still here somewhere.
and, if not you would only have to go to a previous save not start the game over.
The usual question hasn't been asked... Did you use any Cheats?
QUOTE(Psy @ Apr 26 2008, 06:29 PM) [snapback]1423159[/snapback]
You have a weapon in the same slot. Hit L1 I think it is to replace it.

Yes that's it. I ran into it once.
It was either the NV goggles or the gas cannisters.
Both of which were to be supplied for the heist.
Replace with parachute.
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