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The Last Sunset
What are people's methods for getting on the tops of buildings?
dodo cheat. spawn in a rhino and turn the turret backwards to propel further upwards. as for no cheats, dont know.
if you have a gameshark or action replay 2 you can use the teleport codes.
To get a car up on a roof, in the PC version, you can edit the cars's stats in Program Files so that a car is extremely light in weight, say, 1kg rather than 1.5 tonnes. Then, in game, turn on the Perfect Handling cheat and drive the car whose stats you changed towards the building and press the hydraulic jump button to jump up onto the roof. Because you've made the car so light, it should jump up very high. Of course this involves cheats but oh well
I just fly the good ol' Dodo and crash land on top of buildings. It's crude, but it works.
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