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The Last Sunset
What's your opinion on the intense orange sunsets that are in this game? Personally, I found them terrible.
horrible, it makes the game look so ugly. i hardly travel over to las venturas because of it.
Odd... I've played the 8 times, and I never noticed any.
QUOTE(Weasel @ Apr 27 2008, 04:16 AM) [snapback]1423182[/snapback]
Odd... I've played the 8 times, and I never noticed any.

Same lmao
I FKN LOVE EM!!! I love the glamour of Los Santos but I have NEVER seen them in LV So why would it stop you travelling there? I think there needs to be more Orange Sunsets as it's realistic and looks cool...
I lvoe them. It's my favorite time of day in the game. They look even better in GTA 4.
Yeah, I know what you're talking about. IMO, they look kinda freaky. They creep me out! Something about being in Los Santos, during the sunsets (Or sunrises) and the night make me creeped out. I know nobody else will agree with me, but whatever. Also, during that time of day, if I am in the heart of Ballas turf, I get creeped out, too. Well, not if I have a weapon. But, if I am unarmed, then yes. I know everybody will say, "I'm not scared of the Ballas! All I would do is kill them." But, I still get creeped out in these circumstances. R* did a really good job on SA, IMO.
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