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This is a commercial I just finished.

The concept is kinda lame, but it made for one hell of a fun shoot. No back shots used, but it was all thongs heh. there is actually another girl but she didnt make the cut. hot but just didnt act very well. bad considering all she had to do is walk and not laugh or smile.

Watch me

it wont play for me unsure.gif
it was uploading, its there now

btw, the idea was the clients. i thought it was kinda stupid, but you cant say no to someone wanting a bunch of girls in sexy lingerie.

the best part was taking the girls shopping at victoria secret.
that was unexpected and funny. thumbup.gif

"why does it burn when we have sex?"

roll2.gif biggrin.gif roll2.gif

The end reminds me of a chick I once dated
liked em big? or she just have square tits?
QUOTE(J~D @ Apr 25 2008, 06:39 AM) [snapback]1421191[/snapback]
it wont play for me unsure.gif

Same it wont play! sleep.gif
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