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Sir Coke
When you burn the pothead plants with a flame-thrower the screen would start to get wavy. I don't know why ppl think gta 4 drunk driving thing is new and gonna get them into shit when in gta sa you could drive high lol
That was one mission though.
Sir Coke
QUOTE(TreeFitty @ Apr 25 2008, 03:50 AM) [snapback]1421122[/snapback]
That was one mission though.

I know and its pretty late in the game and noone talk about it but you where able to drive high with a wavy screen that made it alil bit hard to drive. I just think ppl are looking for reasons to hate on gta 4....... why didn't they say that when gta sa came out "it lets you drive high in 1 mission" lol
Thrilla in Manila
I would play that mission again if my SA game didn't freeze up every 3 miles I travel.

btw, who's hating on drunk driving?
Only god can judge me.
It was 1 mission like you said, They wouldn't care cause they know some people would be lazy to re-do the mission just to get high.
AND...this should be in the SA forum.

OT: yep we aaall knew this, as we aaall completed it...and it was one mission, but in IV there is said to be 'drunk minigames' where you have to get Roman Home. and apparntly you use the sixaxis controller (ps3) to balance. where was THAT realism in SA?
there will be some knobhead that starts when GTA IV comes out about the drunk driving. Personally I see it as, if you don't like it don't play it!
Like Sam once said, this game isnt encouraging drunk driving. It offers you the freedom to get drunk, plus the freedom to drive cars. Now combine that together and its called drunk driving, its just the freedom youre given, but youre not encouraged to do it. Just like you are given the freedom to own weapons, much like the US constitution has no problem about, and you have the freedom to walk on-foot and interact with pedestrians. Combine those together and you could be facing a pedestrian in a gun-battle. The point Im trying to make is that this game isnt encouraging anything bad, its only offering us the freedom we have in the real world. The only thing we're forced to do is complete our missions if we want to progress in the game, but as youre all aware this isnt the first game with gunfights included in missions.
QUOTE(Sir Coke @ Apr 25 2008, 05:57 AM) [snapback]1421125[/snapback]
I know and its pretty late in the game

No its not
Its not even in middle.
Tommy was driving on Boomshine long before
CJ was inhaling the Truth's crop. Each, one mission.

However, Tommy did like his trips to Auntie Poulette's place as well...
Even though they really didn't go into the detail of Mama's Majik.

This will be great in the Beinway SteerGarden
Psy said that when you go drinking with someone at Steinway beer garden, you enter, and it goes black then you come out drunk...which kinda sucks..

anyway...yeah CJ inhales burnt weed, Tommy V drinks moonshine, and Niko get drunk as a skunk.
Relly G
I've played and completed san andreas so many times i've lost count on the ps2 but it was only when i played on the pc and did this mission that i realised the screen gets a little wavy :S
Yeah but you only get high for 1 mission, unlike GTA 4 where you can get drunk whenever you want.
Yeah, CJ only gets high in one mission, which he didn't deliberately get high. You can't get high outside of the mission Are You Going To San Fierro? Its probably because CJ and his 'hood are against drugs and whatnot. We all know that CJ would never do drugs. I bet if R* made the GSF a drug-dealing gang, then CJ would be able to do drugs lol.

I just recently played SA and I don't remember the screen getting shaky or whatnot. I've played SA twice and the screen never shook. Why is that? Maybe its something wrong with my game?
the game gets wavy (period) at some times during the day because of heat and atmosphere and ultraviolet spectrums. wikipedia can explain this better than me... maybe if people are not seeing it constantly, its because their pc isn't using a certain graphic detail or a dx9 capable card? anyway, that mission with the truth was cause of the smoke imo. i grew up on a farm where we were always burning something, boiling hogs or whatever and the smoke from the fire disturbs the visual perception of light (i think).
QUOTE(Thrilla in Manila @ Apr 25 2008, 06:00 AM) [snapback]1421128[/snapback]
I would play that mission again if my SA game didn't freeze up every 3 miles I travel.

btw, who's hating on drunk driving?

You can clean up the disc it helps alot
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