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I'd like to start working on a website of my own, and I want to find a good program that helps me design the web pages. I know some html coding, and I have a great idea for a web site and its design, but a program for all of this would make things easier for me. Also I need to find out about website hosting, things like prices, bandwidth, server size... Any recommendations?
ctlfreak reasonably priced, many options available. good support staff.

as for making the site, i use dreamweaver. was originally owned my macromedia but adobe recently bought, check the adobe site for a free demo or go the naughty route and find it black market style. it is worth the purchase price though if you plan to use it on a regular basis
I use HostGator for my hosting needs. It gives a good amount of space, bandwidth, and features for a reasonable price. Though if you think this Web site will be big, don't use them. Find something else.

As far as programs I recommend Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, and Notepad. Notepad is my old reliable, and I mainly use it for designing simple sites (only HTML and CSS oriented), but when designing actual templates, I stick to Dreamweaver. It makes it so much easier. And has it's own FTP, so updating files on your server is as easy as hitting a button.

It all depends on how big you want your site to be!

If your site is small (like mine), you'll probably want a free host (I use and a domain name (this'll cost you around 5pa [$9.29pa] from

As for building a site, build it up slowly using HTML. Try some CSS, and maybe some PHP. It's better to grow it slowly with good code than to jump into something like FrontPage. Loads of people use Dreamweaver, but there are lots of open source alternatives. Try to get one which colour-codes your codes (e.g. all <a> tags in green).
NVU if you want some free WYSIWYG Program, or you can do coding on it. But yah, Notepad is easy to use.
Wow I didn't even realize I had any responses to this thread. I've actually completed the site now, I used a wamp server on my computer and used Joomla CMS to design the site. It worked really well for me. Now all I have to do is find the money to get it hosted. I plan on it being a large site, with frequent news updates, media files, member profiles and a forum also.
For hosting I was looking into HostMonster, they look like they have a great hosting deal that would suit me nicely.
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