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I was at Fishers Lagoon in Los Santas and at midnight (0:00) a red blip appeared, and I stepped into it and it said the cock isn't ready yet. Is there a cock fighting mini game in this? I'm just curious.
No, its a race haha.
Damn, that would be totally awesome if you could bet on cocks and watch a cock fight though. Oh well.
ha, no. TFT is right, its a big triathlon. you swim, bike, then run around alarge portion of the state against other competitors. make sure to get fit before you enter though.
You can start the race at Santa Maria Beach too.
Ex-PS Fanboy
QUOTE(neko_ceko @ Apr 24 2008, 10:05 AM) [snapback]1420221[/snapback]
You can start the race at Santa Maria Beach too.

yes but it's different than the one in fishers lagoon
Yea but still...
It should be different since it starts in a different location.
There are 2 triathlons.

Santa Maria ends at Mission Tower in San Fierro, reward is $10K.

Palomino (Fisher's Lagoon) ends on the LV strip near the Four Dragons, reward is $20K.

All you have to do to pass in first place is complete the burglary mission for infinite sprint.
That makes it easy.....unless you can't ride a mountain bike.
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