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I can't unlock this mission. I've done all of CRASH, Ryders missions, Big Smokes, and Sweets. I've even done Los Sepulcros, and Doberman. I've done every mission there is to do in Los Santos except for Caesars racing mission. Why can't I unlock Reuniting the families? I only have 2 more missions left to do before I move on to San Fierro (Green Sabre, and Reuniting the Families) help would be appreciated.

I would like to say that I finished Doberman, Los Sepulcros and CRASH's missions before I finished Big Smokes. (Damn wrong side of the tracks)

Ex-PS Fanboy
you have to do cesars mission, simple as that
Really? I thought it was a side mission and I didn't have to do it. Thanks for the help though! Hopefully it works.
nope, VERY important mission saga.
Well, I know its kind of irrelevant now that I have GTA IV; but, I still want to beat this game.

So I passed Cesar's "High Stakes, Low Rider" (1st place) and nothing, there is officially nothing on the map. No phone call or anything - there is no missions left to do. Why aren't the last two missions unlocking?

Reuniting the families and Green Sabre I'm talking about.
Reuniting the families should have been done before Doberman. Doberman is the one that unlocks the gang wars. Having done that first might have cause a glitch or something. Only thing I can suggest is taking over all the territories. I know you have to have taken at least 10 to unlock Green Sabre.
You should have the Tenpenny Missions now. Have you met Tenpenny at the donut shop?
CJ has to be walking around (not riding a vehicle) to receive the call.
Any Girlfriends yet?

And... Reuniting the Families comes after Doberman.
I've already beat Crash's missions. The one where you have to save the girl after you burn down aparment and kill the Russian Arms dealer, I've beaten both.

I've beat every mission except the last two, including OG Loc.
In Doberman, How many territories did you take over?
Right, I got my missions backwards. XD.png

The first time I took over all of them. The second time I took over about 12-14 I think. This time around (yes, still playing) I have taken over 8 so far. Haven't decided if I am going for 100% of them yet.
Have you tried some fun stuff...
Like getting fireproof (by the Firetruck missions) and using Molotov cocktails. Raising health (Ambulance missions).
climbing to roofs and sniping [spoiler] Sniper rifle is at top of stairway at the TV studio parking lot [/spoiler]
Dropping grenades on them [spoiler] located on the farris wheel boardwalk behind one of the business'[/spoiler]
Nevermind, I just restarted the game. I'm on Catalina's missions now.
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