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With the release day less than a week away it may be prudent to reminder the forum users of the normal protocol for posting spoiler information. Whilst most people will automatically comply with the unwritten rules, some forum users won't have the common decency not to spoil things for others.

If someone is creating a topic about (say) a storyline, then they should put ***Spoiler*** in the topic description to identify that entire topic as containing spoilers. If someone posts a spoiler to a 'non-spoiler' thread then they should use the spoiler tags. I'm not trying to tell you mods how to do you jobs or anything, I just thought it was worthwhile creating a sticky topic (or similar) about this considering the number of leaked topics that have popped up today. The threat of warnings for non-compliance would make me a happy man!
In principle it is a smart idea, obviously since there are going to be visitors who do not want to know information about the game as opposed to the ones that do, and that needs to be portrayed. But how would we get that message across? If people can not read the big red text at the top, then what would a sticky do? If it is even less conspicuous than the big red writing which people ignore then there is a chance they will ignore that too.

Saying that though, I think an announcment would be more beneficial than a sticky at least, since it is in a section of its own and appears in every forum.
What happens when the game comes out then? you can't expect EVERY poster to place "SPOILER" in the topic title and then every post to use the tasg correctly...

Once the game comes out, can't you people who dont want the game to be ruined make topics called "NO SPOILERS" seen as though there will be far less?
When the game comes out we'll have separate forums for GTA4 gameplay and pre-game discussions, so anyone who doesn't want the game spoiled just has to avoid the gameplay section.
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