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made this a couple weeks ago, i like how it turned out haha.

Here's some other's I've made since i've last been on here lol

Nice sigs mahn!
i preffer the last 1!
u use paintshop CS?
1. It is ok the bottom of the picture still looks cut of even though it is integrated into the sig
2. It is just a pile of arse doesn't flow and looks amateur.
3. It is like a good version of the second one, generally flows good blending and font.
4. Meh, it is a picture with scan lines and a filter, looks rubbish
5. Don't like the bevel they always look shit on their own, text doesn't blend, picture looks poorly cut, the glowing blue effect looks ok but the rest of the sig sucks.
6. Nothing much there, needs a basic picture in a grudge formate on the left, it is a nice idea.
They're good, but they all have a motion blur background.. kinda of repetitive

YES! Jabawookiess ! I'm liking your last sig and the Transformer
great job .
Sweet. Transformer sig looks fantastic.
like psycho said biggrin.gif

It is just a pile of arse doesn't flow and looks amateur.

the transformers sig is THE only one that looks good the rest are poor.
loooks absolutly great!

i like the 1st one and the last one most!
great job! notworthy.gif thumbup.gif
all very nice, i like the gorrilaz one the last one and the transformers but all the rest are shit tongue.gif
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