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I suppose this counts as a request/suggestion. On the xbox forums if you place your mouse over a topic title it comes up with a box giving you the first few lines of the post. I use this feature all the time to see whether or not a topic is worth clicking on or not. I keep doing it on these forums by mistake and get "This topic was started..."

It's a great feature, IMO, so would it be possible to do something like that here and would people want it here?

p.s. If anyone wanted to try it, it only works once your signed in.
I absolutely hate this feature. There's nothing more annoying than having boxes pop up every time you mouseover a topic row in the forum view. Another problem with it is that it means more content to load every time you load a page, which demands more resources from the server. Just open the thread in a new tab if you aren't sure. That way you can just close the window if you don't like what you see.
OK, it was only a suggestion, it's a good feature IMO. The pop up box isn't quite as bad as you think, it only appears after about a second of having the cursor over the text, I've never seen the pop ups appear unintentionally. Fair enough about load times.
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