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Season 3 starts 1st oct in england.

Pretty exited for this, apparently a massive improvement on season 2, even though i thought it was pretty good.
Severus Snape
Love the show. Hiro is my favorite character. Unfortunately, the writers' strike in the US has forced us to wait until next fall for Season 3. Which means (spoiler alert!) that we won't get any new info on who shot Nathan Petrelli, Sylar getting his powers back, or anything involving Hiro and Kensai/Adam. Bummer.
What? They only just started showing it in the UK, that is why TV sucks, internet FTW.
Heroes is awesome. happy.gif Thanks for informing me about this, I was wondering when it was going to come back on.
season 2? that was out last fall in the US :x
enjoy though!
I think he means the second half of season 2? because it was cut short due to gay writers strike

I cant wait!!
was the last aired episode where at the end Clair's dad wakes up after being shot in the face?
Naw it was when nathan was shot i think
in australia the last episode aired was the one that ended with clair's dad waking up. this is crap. we are so far behind in everything.

just to clear up some stuff has this all been aired in america? we have not seen any of this.
i dont see heroes on tv i just download it on internet.. is a good site and is free ! thumbup.gif
it is in another language. are the shows in english????
ups... the language is english but the subtitles are in portuguese :|
The Cool
I'm glad you posted this, cause I wasn't keeping up with it.
Funny I justed asked my friend Mike the other day, and he had nothing. Hopefully they start off on the right track this time, because the first half of season 2 started off slow as fuck
Just to clear up, none of season two has been showed in the UK. Whats this second half of season two everyone is talkin about?
i was woundering when this was gunna come back on, but i'm at work on thursdays so i cant watch it...bah

Season 3 starts next thursday (26th sep) in england, and a little before in america.

Pretty exited for this, apparently a massive improvement on season 2, even though i thought it was pretty good.
I've never seen the show. I heard good things. Ill probably watch it all on the internet.
It starts on the 22nd in America. Season three. I can't wait. It's on Mondays which is good because I have afternoon class on Tuesdays. Meaning I can stay up late without sacrificing rest. LOST season... I forget, comes on the 18th this Thursday--not such a good day for me.
2 days. Well exited.

Except I read a spoiler by accident in a TV guide, there was no spoiler warnings there, the bastards.
heroes is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Season three is really fucked up so far... if you thought the pilot was hokey enough, this season adds a quart of convoluted just for good measure. Some may not like it.
Handsome B Wonderful
Yeah, i wasn't that impressed with the first episodes of season 3. A bit confusing at times. Give me Two And A Half Men any day. tongue.gif

Seriously though, the whole time travel stuff is getting on my nerves. And that speedy chick annoys the hell out of me.
Just saw episode 5... This series is so epic so far.
Awesome. It is indeed epic so far, however I would agree with the whole time travel thing being a little annoying, the fact you can go back in time and there just be another version of you that you can talk to... so illogical.
Still, I'm up to episode four and loving it.
[spoiler]It's not the space-time shit that on my nerves... it's the crappy character building by just trying to make everyone suddenly turn evil. And it's also about that stupid fast girl. It's the stupid cliche mother portrayal of her in the future with the chubby cop and the anti-climactic "I wasn't fast enough" bullshit. It's about Nathan's wife suddenly disappearing, Clair's ex disappearing too, and Micah just looking sappy and flat in only one episode. It's about the writers trying to weave some concatenation of loyalties and secrets between some stupid company that they keep updating with more and more people so that the story goes on.[/spoiler]

Whoa, I ranted!
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