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I cant exactly remember how I did this because I was getting chased by the cops in a quad and I were near the Stadium and I was trying to escape from being trapped along this wall and all of a sudden I fell through the wall and landed on water, I swam through and you swim through the outskirts of the stadium. I went all the way round but it stops as there is nowhere else to swim
Pic of were I think i fell through[attachmentid=6060] [attachmentid=6061]
I will try to draw out a map soon of where it is.
Ive been trying again and I still cant get back under the stadium

It may of just been one of them one of glitches

But ive tried with the BMX by reversing it into the wall the it falls into grey hell but respwans a few feet away from the stadium and not under the city on water

Try and give it ago and also I will soon draw a location
Heres the map and location of the spot


The red line is where you 'fall through' and as you can see in the map its very close to the edge of the water so its qutie tricky.

The blue shade represents (not exactly, but close) the water of where you can swim round but its not really worth doing because theres a dead end and theres not much to see so.
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