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Have noticed this for a while and thought I'd post the problem to give you admin guys something to do!

When I click on someone's name to view their profile I get directed to their profile and then on again to another page giving an error. If I then click back I go to the profile that I wanted to view. Somewhere in the code I'm getting forwarded to the profile but then on again. Not sure if this just affects me but I would think it's somewhere in the coding. I'm using IE7.
Yea, you always have to refresh once or either go back for a profile to load...

GTA ShutDown
Its a serverside error and cant be fixed

Happens for me to
Thrilla in Manila
How do you know it can't be fixed?
GTA ShutDown
QUOTE(Thrilla in Manila @ Apr 28 2008, 06:45 AM) [snapback]1424317[/snapback]
How do you know it can't be fixed?

Ask Duff
Well I hardly see how it can't be fixed as it doesn't even happen to me so it must be fixable.
What browser are you using?
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