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Ehm, listen to me now, key? XD.png

In Los Venturas, you are supposed to break in to caligulas casino. I've done the Heist missons, and then I got the girlfriend. But instead of waiting in order to give me her keycard, I killed her, so that I could go into her house and just take it. So I took it (d'oh!)
BUT now, there are no new missions for me! I've done everything, and I have th keycard. Sowhat do I do now? I've waited for someone to call me or something, but the freakin' phone wont make a sound! so.. no missons.. what do I do?

(this is my first post here. I'm a viking from norway, so please, my english suck, forgive me : D)
The usual situation now is:

Is the 'Airplane' Icon showing on the map.
If it is you have more missions to do at the abandoned airfield.

also, the Casino mission is a long one. that is the call comes later in the game.

You might also check back at the Four Dragons casino there were two icons inside it.
One on the left and another on the right; you have finished the ones on the right.
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