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Hey guys just thought I would share these vids about this guy who has shows talking about video games on youtube and this guy actually knows his stuff. He sometimes gets inside information and shares it with his viewers. He recently started doing this and is really good at it. He is a pretty big GTA fan and talks about that too and also talks about which console you should get it for and why. He has facts to back up his talk and is fun to watch too. Here is his youtube account and if you have a youtube account please subscribe to show a little support. Here it is:
fine guys show no support lol
i watched his talk about how ps3 will be successful in 08. some good info most of i already knew. but i didnt know some features about the dualshock 3 he talked about so that was pretty cool.
ya but hes got other vids and stuff and his shows gonna get a lot better soon...i mean it just started
Must admit it was pretty good, besides the short comings where he started to get a little ps3 fanboy thing going on, he managed to stay on facts an stick to the point so it never strayed to far.

One thing did bother me tho, at moments in video he looked like his hands went cripple.
awesome never knew that bout dualshock 3 i suscribed had to now wink.gif
Handsome B Wonderful
Good Game is the best video game show on Australian tv. Actually, it's the only one, as far as i know.



ah, technology.
QUOTE(Handsome B. Wonderful @ Apr 10 2008, 08:27 PM) [snapback]1409255[/snapback]
Good Game is the best video game show on Australian tv. Actually, it's the only one, as far as i know.



ah, technology.

Were talking about a dude on youtube doing his own shows... Not a real show.

I myself gotten used to watching X-play on G4 here.
Is there such a thing as a good Video Game Show? Every time I come across one on Sky it's shite.
look up videoGaiden on youtube. I dont have time to get links just now but trust me, you will enjoy. It is a Scottish Comedy show on video games. Very enjoyable stuff.

i tend to go there from time to time... he doesn't have a show but does his own podcasts... he's got a lot of pull in the gaming industry i guess... he gets inside/behind booths at GDC and E3, free stuff, stuff thats not even out yet, and can land a couple decent interviews every now and then... he was one of the first to dedicate podcasts to this new game called, spore (if you've herd of it)... it's will wrights next great evolution... and he's gotten a few interviews from will wright concerning spore as well... spore is really what launched him and his website, into semi-internet fame...

i used to watch G4TV but, that was a long time ago... so, i haven't really seen any good gaming shows... just podcasts biggrin2.gif...
Theres a pretty good one on Channel 31 in Australia

it's low budget and runs at Midnight, but i like it...

can't remember what its called though, and i can't imagine it being online...
King Boo
X-Play is the one that I watch on Foxtel in Australia
this isn`t a video show as such but this guy gives out some good game reviews...can be harsh from time to time, this is his gta review
zero punctuation gta iv

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