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The Last Sunset
Since 2001 I've continually moved into more underground artists, but all of the sudden in 2008 I'm finally listening to mainstream stuff, it's strange. It's just new for me because I've never listened to stuff like Semi-Charmed Life, by Third Eye Blind. It's such an astounding song, and the album it's on is amazing too. It takes me back to times of hearing it on the Q104 radio station in the 90s. It's a happy-sounding song I hear but for me I interpret it as emotional and kind of sad. It's a very profound song for me.
Third Eye Blind is good. Check out Blind Melon, specifically the song No Rain. You'll recognize it.
The Last Sunset
Alright, I'm going to play it. I like this site for finding music to play easily and it's good enough quality that I record the song off the site using Audacity.
The Last Sunset
I think I always thought this song (No Rain) was by Green Day, for some reason. But yeah, I definitely know it, I was a little afraid I might not have known it.
It corny and depressing yet inspirational in some weird way... Hoon writes like that tongue.gif
Checkout the whole Blind Melon album, the song Holyman just magic.
To be honest, I laughed a little when I saw this, just because of how old the song is and how many times I've unwillingly heard it throughout the course of it's existance. Not that it's a bad song, I definitely like it, if I were scanning radio stations and came across it, I'd probably listen to it. I just don't understand how you're NOW just hearing this song. It must be nice to be out from underneath the rock.

I remember when this song came out, my parents both were asking me about this upbeat song they were hearing on the radio, (even trying to sing parts of the chorus to allow me to better identify it). I remember reading in Rolling Stone right after the song blew up and the lead singer was talking about how surprised he was that a song about smoking crystal meth and having oral sex became involved in the Top 40 airplay. My parents didn't run out and buy the CD or anything after I told them that.

Beneath a catchy, upbeat melody, the song contains dark lyrics about a drug user's descent into crystal meth addiction and his sexual activities. However, the single still became a major hit. The words "crystal myth" are frequently censored on radio stations, or "blurred" out of recognition. The words are a play on the phrase "crystal meth". -
Yeah, that song is OLLLLLLLLD. Good song, though. Is this band still around?
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