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Reports of gunfire first surfaced Thursday at 12:10 a.m. on I-64 when a vehicle headed westbound at the 106 mile marker was struck by a bullet that originated from the Va. 690 overpass. For the next 20 minutes multiple shots rang out, hitting two more westbound vehicles near the overpass. A fourth westbound vehicle was struck at the Ivy exit ramp 114, police said.

Two passenger cars, a van and a tractor-trailer were hit, injuring two motorists who were treated at Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville and released.

I also saw an article up on about this. Shit like this really makes you think when it strikes so close to home. I could only imagine driving down the interstate and getting shot right through my windshield. Who knows, maybe they were practicing for the upcoming GTA4....

Yeah, by me a while ago someone took two sniper shots at a car and I'm not sure if he killed the driver... I guess to him it was target practice. Fucking scary.
There was a triple murder in my small mountain town this past summer.

At the Army Barracks store on July 2nd Michael Woodbury shot and killed the store manager and two customers. I was about a mile away working when it happened.

I signed up with a moving company and was moving furniture from the old high school to the new one when it happened. We were stuck at the new high school, and had to make a trip back to the old one...but couldn't...a line of policemen with guns drawn had a perimeter around the whole thing. Though they eventually let us go.

Hours later he was caught, after seven or so counties were called in.

Us good old boys got out the shotguns and sat in our backyards waiting.

But it was freaking scary.
Meh, they already have two suspects, or so i'm told...

Sounds like drunken stupidity more so that maliciousness to me..
Yup, one suspect is a 19 yr old, the other is 16. They both face 10 charges each. Held without bond, needless to say. They just fucked the entire rest of their lives up.
Maybe they'll argue the 16 year old's frontal lobe was not developed enough and because that lobe accounts for decision-making then they might say he wasn't on the same level of awareness the 19 year old was... that's what I'm feeling would happen if he acts smart. If he acts dumb he just lost that chance.
Thrilla in Manila
everyday shit man you'll get used to it
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