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I was fucking around in single player (PC version). I drove arround LS. Then I wanted to pause game to do something but I accidently pressed F3 instead of Esc. Then I saw a CJ with diffreant clothes, and diffreant hear then I have driving with Sanchez in countryside, and jumping in water and swimming. And it said "Replay" in corner. I was like "uhh bug?". (I didnt knew what button I pressed, I tought I pressed F1, normal replay.). Then when replay finished I pressed F1 (real replay button), and I saw normal replay, replay of last minute or so. I pressed all F's to find what did I pressed before, and when I pressed F3 I saw same thing. I re-loaded the game, but same. Then I pressed New-game, but I saw it again when pressing f3. I restarted game, and it happens again every time I press F3.
I think it worked like this:

F1 - shows last 30 seconds
F2 - saves replay
F3 - shows saved replay
Didn't know that LOL
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