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1. Ripped or stolen mods will NOT be tolerated at this forum. We shall not be held accountable for infringement upon an author's work. Any member who distributes stolen work under their named will be banned indefinately.

2. Helpful feedback would be appreciated to inform the author(s) what bugs to fix in their modifications.

3. When posting screens, be sure to include them as a link if they are above the 800x600 limit and/or the filesize is excessively large.
This is the place for you to post your saved files.

You can use the "File Attachment" to host your saved games so other people can download them.

We are not responsible for any damage that is made to your computer!

Some people may host malicious shit, and if you download this shit, your computer may get infected by Viruses/Trojans and other crap. We recommend you to scan every file you download.

Any person found doing this kind of activity will be BANNED!.

Uploading your savefiles
You can't host .b files (This is only for our File Attachment feature), so you can either upload your savefile on any of these sites:

OR upload your zipped savefile via File attachment. You can do this as following:

1. First find the correct savefile. These can be found here:

My Documents --> GTA San Andreas User Files

2. Then right-click on the file and click on ''Add to Archive''
3. In this menu click the ZIP option. Now make a post, and scroll down to 'File Attachments'

4. Click 'Browse...' and select your ZIP file. Then click 'Add This Attachment'. Now add the reply. Done!

Restoring Savefiles
Download the file, and put it back in the San Andreas User Files folder:

My Documents --> GTA San Andreas User Files

You'll see a few savefiles and a gta_sa.set along with some other files. Just put the savefile in here and start up the game as usual.

The New System
This subforum has been opened because of the messy topic in the PC Version Discussion. This system will work a lot better than the previous.

Pretty much all of the rules still apply.

The system will work as following.

To the people in need of help
1. Make a Topic, the Title should be the name of the mission(s) you want done or need help with, like 'Stowaway' or 'Cut Throat Business' etc.
2. In the topic title, mention if your game is Version 1 or Version 2 with tags. Example of a title: ''Flying School [V2]''
3. Upload / attach your savefile as stated above
4. Wait for someone to help you with their mission, when they're done, post back and tell us if the savefile is correct. After this, the topic will be closed.

To the people helping
Your job is simple
1. Look for someone who needs help
2. Make a post saying ''In progress'' or something similar, so others will know the request is being fullfilled
3. When you're done, edit your posts and Upload / Attach the savefile for the person to download.

V2 savefiles
Full instructions on what to do with them can be found here.


Also, please stick to the following guidelines when you want someone to help you with a mission, it makes the lives of the helpers much easier.
1. Save as close to the mission activator as possible
2. If the mission involves shooting, have full armor and enough ammo ready.
3. If the mission involves a certain vehicle, please store it in the nearest garage to the mission activator
4. Please only upload ONE savefile, and not the whole folder!
5. Post ONE request at a time, don't make posts or topics reminding the helpers of your requests or reposting your savefile. You will be warned if you do.

That's it, good luck and happy gaming.
There are a few very simple things needed in order for anyone to help you with your save game. Not having the correct information available in your help post can cause helper's games to crash, and people to get pissed off because you did not have your CJ prepared for the mission you need help with.

Please upload your save game file, game version (found in the readme for SA at the top), and leave your CJ equipped well enough for, and close to the mission you need help with. If you have any questions, please send me a pm, or post in the help section.

Thanks! smile.gif
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